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Top 101 Trending Tattoo Ideas for Women in 2024

2021 was hard, really hard. But it wasn’t permanent. The pain, howsoever deep, passed, ushering us into a new and beautiful reality that is 2022. And today, right at this moment, the woman in you deserves something special. Something permanent like a Tattoo that is a remembrance of all your hard work and a driving force to the newer heights you would scale. But is a world replete with tattoo ideas for women, which option should you opt for?

Every tattoo design, regardless of elements, patterns, or positioning, is sexy. There isn’t anything as direct as the right design for a woman looking to get a tattoo. And that is exactly why I couldn’t zero in on one. 

Tattoos are on-trend. But the choice isn’t etched in stone. And while some might associate butterfly tattoos or sun and moon tattoos with women, they can always get those punk skull tattoos without getting judged. I believe every woman must choose the tattoo she desires and relates to without having to bear the brunt of societal biases.

And this is the reason why I shall now enlist the top 101 trending tattoo ideas for women, but with a twist. Instead of randomly suggesting options, I would take up specific body parts and then sync my favorite designs to try and complement them. 

The tattoo gallery that you will be witnessing now is in no way a way to manipulate the feminine mind into taking calls. Instead, these are mere ideas and suggestions, and you are always free to look ahead for other unique designs.

We will cover tattoo ideas and options as per body parts/scenarios in the subsequent sections, followed by a few random design choices at the end. Let us get you all geared up for taking the final plunge, only if you are considering one. 

Tattoo Ideas for Back

Henna Style Tattoos

Tattoo ideas for women

Arguably one of the most good-looking tattoo designs, a Henna Tattoo runs down the spine in an elegant layout. The elongated form factor looks best when ideated using pure blacks and the deepest possible tattoo inks. Artists handling the design must use the best lining tools for the same, and aftercare is usually the hardest part, considering the area it covers.

Also, a henna tattoo can take up a lot of back area, without looking too cluttered. The aftercare regime seems pretty complex, detailed, and exhaustive, considering the nature of the designs. 

Matching Couple Tattoos

Matching Tattoos

Well, you need not be in love to get a matching couple tattoo. You can get a sun and moon tattoo shared with your best friend. However, complementing entities like flowers and leaves or sun and moon look better if you are looking at matching tattoos. 

Matching Couple tattoos offer massive scope to experiment. And while celestials and flowers come across as the more probable options, you can always pitch your designs to the tattoo artist. And with a little convincing and a few extra bucks, you can get them inked, forever.

Snake Tattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women

No, snakes aren’t as intimidating as you find them to be. Instead, snakes represent creativity and even fertility, thereby making these tattoo choices stand out. Also, a good artist can help you make the most of real estate by suggesting different types of snakes. If you are seeking simple lines that are eye-catching and traditional at the same time, snake tattoos are the options to go with.

Also, it might just be fitting to get one as in a few days from now you would be shedding those scabs, just like them. On a serious note, there are several snake patterns to choose from, for your back. 

Scene Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

If you want to go mid-back, the scenery is worth considering. You can get them etched vertically or horizontally, depending on your physicality. And the best thing about sceneries is that they can cover entire bodies or backs without looking too overwhelming. 

Plus, if you are adventurous enough, you can even ask the tattoo artist to ink you the scenery of your choice. That can be a place you have recently visited and are willing to stay connected with for say, forever. 

Full Back Tattoos

Back tattoo for ladies

Getting a full back tat needs you to be fully sure. And while you can easily experiment with several designs and stencils, obviously with temporary tattoos, you need to be doubly sure before getting a permanent tattoo. For starters, I would recommend full blacks instead of using outrageous colors. And if you are a bit too adventurous, part-way shading can also be fun. 

If you plan on getting a full back tattoo, I would also recommend a detailed skin-type analysis at the onset. Plus, you should arrange for some help as aftercare is seriously going to be a pain in the ‘Back’.

Bouquet Tattoos

Top trending Tattoos for ladies

Typically placed between shoulder plates, these tattoos are flowery and extremely beautiful. And if you are looking for the best tattoo ideas that come out to be feminine, bouquets are great picks. As for the flower, you can pick lotus tattoos, rose tattoos, or anything simpler yet unique. 

But hey, if you aren’t much into flowers, you can opt for different kinds of bouquets, including stars, vines, or anything else that looks good together. Also, you can go crazy with the color packs with these.

Spine Script Tattoos

Best tattoo for ladies

A spine script isn’t your regular tattoo design. It is one unique tattoo choice that can represent almost anything you want it to. However, the artist needs to be particularly gifted for the text to come out perfectly. 

Just to be on the safer side, I would recommend consulting the best tattoo artist in the town. And when it comes to choosing the exact design, you are better off with something that isn’t overly complex in between or your spine will have to take quite a bit of needle pressure.

Back Spread Tattoos

tattoo for ladies

Well, back spread tats are best represented by wings. But then, you need to choose the design carefully and about the backside for the artist to be able to work his magic. Possible choices include bat wings, angel wings, phoenix tattoos, and even a few free spirit illustrations. 

Not to mention, back spreads need to be completely symmetrical, and therefore, a tattoo artist would prefer to get them done using stencils.

Line Art and Hand Poke Tattoos

ladies tattoos

If you are only looking for a unique tattoo for your back, a hand poke is arguably the best fit. What makes it different is the clean lines that represent a form, shape, or physical feature without being loud. Also, these tattoos make sense almost everywhere, provided the tattoo artist and the tattoo machine help you with grace and fluidity. 

Portrait Tattoos

tattoo ideas for ladies

Hey, you need to be a bit careful with portraits, but on your back, they can look exceptionally good. But then, this tattoo idea depends on the artist you are connected with to get the job done. Some of the best portrait tattoo ideas include getting a wolf tattoo, cat tattoo, or anything else that assumes a sizable form factor. 

Also, if the artist is experienced enough, you can ask him to ink your family members for you. But then, aftercare can be a real drag. 

Tattoo Ideas for Lower Back


tattoo ideas for women

Decorating the lower back requires skills and imagination. And women who are ready to take the plunge can get diamonds, motifs, and jewels etched on them. Small tattoos are great fits here, including star tattoos, heart tattoos, minimalist henna tattoos, and more. 

When talking jewels, I would vouch for diamonds first as they are a woman’s best friend. But then anything glittery works if you are willing to take the plunge. 


lower back tattoo for ladies

If you are into queen tattoos but only looking to get them on your lower back, tiaras are perfect. And what makes them interesting is the elegance that they bring to the table. Plus, you need a reliable tattoo artist for the job as bold lines via lining machines aren’t easy to draw. 

Coming to design-specific preferences, it is better to get something simple for the lower back. And yes, no colors as ‘Blacks’ work best for standard tiaras.

T2B Tattoos

full back tattoos for women

Better known as ‘Thigh to Back’ tattoos, they are known to cover a lot of areas and require multiple tattooing sessions. And, you can go all out with your imagination by incorporating blacks, shades, colors, and whatnot. 

The choice of color is subject to analysis but when it comes to the design, I would suggest the ones that flow. Top picks would be swans, henna designs, portraits, or any animal. But then, aftercare can be troublesome if you need to show up to work every day, especially in long pants.

Minimalist Hearts

flower tattoo for women

Yes, there can be simple tattoo ideas for women, especially if they want it for the lower back. Not, I am not talking about flower or bird tattoos but those minimalistic hearts or small designs that can fit in almost everywhere. You might argue that heart tattoos are more like feminine tattoo ideas, but I would like to think of them as gender-neutral.

However, the choice and stacking of hearts are important when it comes to getting a lower back tattoo. But for the sake of aesthetics, I would recommend leaving out colors for now.


quote tattoo for women

Here comes the statement. Well, if you really want a cool tattoo that puts you on a pedestal, a quote can really fit in. Women prefer badass tattoos, and nothing can be better than the ‘Boss Lady’ quote. But then, placement is the key if you want it to look commanding. 

Also, quotes are something that you must select carefully. While you can always get an Eleanor inked, I would recommend options a tad less overwhelming for the onlookers.

Placement Tats

tattoo for women

What if you want multiple tattoos on your lower back? Yes, they cannot take up a lot of space, and that is exactly why placement tattoos make the cuts. Starting from a simple feather tattoo to a flower tattoo, smaller placement tats can fit in almost anywhere. These cute little tattoos can cost a lot but are certainly worth the moolah. 

And you can go bonkers with the choice of colors. Plus, you can afford to get them across sessions, which then saves time and effort. 

Waist Hugging Tats

best tattoos for ladies

Arguably the most complicated of lower back tattoos, waist-hugging ones are better off if the tattoo designs are symmetrical. The concept here is to enhance the natural curves and get a design that wraps the waist and even gives an illusion of drip right into the crack. And for this tattoo to come out right and complement the feminine form factor, you really need the best artist in the town. 

But that’s not where it ends. You need to prepare for the aftercare regime beforehand as the accessibility when it comes to washing and applying ointments can be tricky.

Symmetrical Tattoos

top tattoos for ladies

Unlike waist-hugging tats, they can be simple and need not be positioned closer to the crack. The best strategy, however, is to select a design that cuts your lower back into two halves. Also, unlike a waist-hugging tattoo, there are many edgy tattoo choices like a phoenix tattoo, two arrow tattoos, and more. 

And these are stencil-intensive tattooing choices that can be done quickly. But then, the tattoo you end up picking often depends on the artist you are stuck with.


best tattoo for ladies

Panther portrait tattoos are cool on their own. And yes, a panther isn’t a delicate tattoo but something that leaves a lasting impression on the beholder. Also, with a panther tattoo in play, you can be a bit more creative with the design, colors, and even the bold lines play. 

Personally, I love the panthers and always in black. But no one would be judging you if you want to get in some bright shades. Just a tip, make sure that the artist is working well on the edges.

Thai Tattoos

best tattoo for women

Lower back tattoos thrive on symmetry. And while American traditional tattoos are fantastic choices, nothing works better than old-school Thai tattoos, or even two of them, to make the entire design come across as symmetrical. 

If you decide to go with a Thai tattoo, believe me, you will never fall short of choices. But then, you must consult with the artist and pull out a design that even he or she is comfortable with. You do not want to settle for something subpar. 

Tattoo Ideas for the Breast Area

Queen Bee

tattoo for women

Are you some queen but with a love for bees? Well, getting a minimalist bee tattoo can be an excellent choice, provided you are on the lookout for some inventive tattoo designs. And yes, bee tats are those tattoo ideas that can be ideated using blacks, colors, or even shades. Finally, if you are planning to get one, consider a central placement.

But I did miss out on a key observation. Bees leave some cool trails and you can make your tats behave exactly the same. 

Rose Tattoos

tattoo ideas for ladies

Not every rose tattoo is fit for your breasts. But then, if you are really fond of roses and excited about getting one in the breast area, I would recommend line art over anything else. As a tattoo design, line art rose tattoos can be tricky to get right. But a good tattoo artist with a pen-like rotary tattoo machine can really shake things up for you. 

And yes, roses adjacent to the breast are class, modern, and romantic, all at once. Also, this is the exact tattoo choice that lets you color things up, with perfection.

Floral Sternum

tattoo ideas for women

While line roses can really up the ante, floral sternums can add a lot more to the overall outlook. Floral sternum refers to getting a bunch of roses, lotus flowers, and other floral entities etched closer to the rib area. Also, the design is tricky, and you need to have a lot of pain tolerance. 

The aftercare regime, on the other hand, is a charm as you have direct access to the soft padding and a lot of accessibility. 

Poppy Tattoos

tattoo ideas for women

The breast area or the adjacent area can easily accommodate abstract tattoo designs. Better termed poppy designs, these illustrations are relatively simple and look great on the sides. Plus, scaling and retouching these tattoos cannot get any easier.

Not to mention the highest levels of finesse required to ink these tats to perfection. And they do not break the bank and let you allocate budget as per convenience. 

Sakura Tattoos

best tattoo ideas for women

Are you fond of cherry blossoms? If yes, Sakura tattoos should be considered. Projected as a beautiful and colorful floral design, preferably underneath the breast, Sakura or Cherry Blossom is often designed using pinkish undertones. Cherry blossom can be a tricky tattoo design to perfect and works best when it complements the skin tone. 

But what makes them even better is the wide range of design choices that you get along with. 

The Minimalist Moon

best tattoo ideas for ladies

No, I am not discussing sun and moon tattoos here. Instead, the minimalist moon is all about a standard or placement moon tattoo that fits the best right at the center. As they are small tattoos, you can easily accommodate two of them to spice up things a bit more. 

Also, Moon tattoos are easy to design and do not need you to go looking for the machine in town. And, just to mention, you can pick the shade at will.

Symmetrical Leaves

best tattoo ideas for girls

While flower tattoos are great and entirely symbolic, they require tattoo-making experience in abundance. However, if you are into small tattoos, you can get symmetrical leaves etched between the breasts. And just so you know, adding flowers and colors is always possible. 

Plus, when it comes to the breast area, there are quite a few variants of symmetrical leaves that you can try out. But the trick here is to go for one that complements your complexion.

Floral Vine Underwire

top tattoo ideas for women

Vines look great, especially when they line the outline of your breast. Therefore, if you wish to flaunt a design underwriting your bra, there cannot be anything more exciting than floral vines. And most tattoo artists have the experience to get these vines right.

Also, your choice of vine needs to complement your personality. And the most probable choices could be the flowing ones or the stunned ones with the added bit of thickness.

Themed Tattoos

best trending tattoo ideas for women

Not many tattoo designs look great in and adjacent to the breast area. And while you can always pick a lotus flower or any other feminine floral design, looking for something innovative with an interesting design brings me to themed tattoos. Theme-based tattoos can include an astrological sign, infinity symbol, sacred symbol, animal kingdom tattoo, dream catcher, and more. 

Just a tip, I need not coax you into picking a theme. You can opt for anything that’s small and fun. No particular choices here.

Butterfly Tattoos

best tattoo ideas for ladies

If you are into butterflies, there is a tattoo idea that helps get them on your clavicle. A butterfly tattoo is worth the hype despite being a common tattoo for women. And you can always play around with the placement of a butterfly tattoo, as these tattoo designs for women come in different shapes and sizes. 

But then if you need the butterfly to sit on the sides of the breast or the clavicle I mentioned, opt for the smaller variants with darker outlines.

Tattoo Ideas for Shoulder

Astro Tats

trending tattoo ideas for women

While you can get an astrological sign on your back, smaller tattoo designs with symbols pertaining to galaxies can be great picks for the shoulder or the surrounding area. 

You can work with a wide range of celestial options here, your zodiac sign, and maybe even the evil eye to make things work. And yes, you are free to get colored even though I won’t recommend it for the Astro tats.

Symbolic Tats

top tattoo ideas for women

Have you considered zeroing in on a bunch of symbols and then colluding them as a single shoulder tattoo? If not, you can certainly give it a try. As far as symbols are concerned, I am a bit biased toward shooting stars. 

Symbolic tats should complement your personality. And therefore, if you plan on getting them on your shoulder, I would recommend taking the idea to the artist and not getting anything random done. 


top tattoo ideas for women

Yes, a quote works everywhere. But if you prefer off-shoulder crop tops over any other attire, you must get a quote tattoo drawn across the shoulder. A neat, clean, and straight-line are important for the quote tattoo to look its best.

And if you are seriously interested in getting a quote done, it is better to keep the ambitions in check and refrain from color packing. Quotes look best when complemented with pure blacks and stronger outlines. 

Shoulder Caps

best tattoo ideas for ladies

No, I am not talking about those manly designs. Instead, a flower tattoo can be used to cover the shoulder tattoos to perfection. Other relevant choices include animal-based tattoo designs, tribal styles, and more. And yes, it is worth noting that thick lines usually symbolize these tattoo designs. 

In case you sport a petite bone structure and still planning to get those caps inked, I would recommend looking at minimalist designs like bird beaks and more. Lack of tattooing real estate can be a tad restrictive.


top tattoo ideas for ladies

Are you a science geek who prefers clean tattooing? Well, you can always get one on your shoulder as a bold line with equations, postulates, and scientific symbols. Adding a design like an ellipsis or even the cosmos can also be a nice touch. 

And yes, here’s a clarification. Lines need not be straight. Instead, if you plan on getting them across shoulder blades, opt for the ones with stronger outlines and a hint of curviness, along the way.

Crouching Tiger

trending tattoo ideas for ladies

No, I am not here to talk about an action movie. Instead, if you are more into traditional tattoo designs, getting a tiger inked behind the shoulder cap is a reliable option. But then, the artist must be able to nail the shading part of it. 

If you are into colors, I would like to go on a record and stop you from getting additional hues but the blacks. And yes, the tiger needn’t be huge.

Fine Lines

trending tattoo ideas for women

A fine line doesn’t look like much, but it can say a lot about your personality. Probably the best shoulder tattoo idea if you seek minimalism; a fine line can take many forms. Some of the choices include a cross tattoo, feathers, astrological symbols, and whatnot.

And here is a tip. If you are sure about fine lines on the shoulder, try the designs and shades that compliment your complexion and skin texture. 


top trending tattoo ideas for women

Yes, I did talk about a butterfly tattoo at length but getting a butterfly on your shoulder is a different ball game altogether. A shoulder-adhering butterfly tattoo must nail the flutter, shades, and size perfectly. 

Yes, butterflies are everywhere. They look good on your back. They look great on your hands. But they look even better on your shoulders, provided you do not go overboard with the colors and settle on blacks. 


top trending tattoo ideas for ladies

Probably the best place to get a tattoo on the shoulder, collar-to-bone cannot fit in every tattoo design that you throw at it. The artist must be able to create a lasting impression to symbolize continuity. If the curves and feminine aspects of a collar-to-bone tattoo are taken care of, it can come out as a sexy accessory to compliment your clothes. 

And yes, if you aren’t game for taking some well-deserved pain, these tats aren’t meant for you. 

Dream Catcher

top trending tattoos for women

A dream catcher is one of the more minimal tattoo ideas for women and can be played around with relative ease and comfort. All it takes is a fine line and a couple of bad dreams to persuade you to get one on your shoulder. Also, a dream catcher tattoo is best represented by blacks.

And the fun part here is that Dream Catchers are arguably the easiest tattoo designs to nail. Any decent tattoo artist can help you get a great design inked across the shoulders.  

Tattoo Ideas for Arm

top trending tattoos for ladies

Note: Arm tattoos are common as this body part is good at accommodating a large number of tattoo ideas. However, I have handpicked ten just to make life and selections easier for you.


top trending tattoos for ladies

Well, if this combination sounds absurd to you, fret not, as absurdity is the new cool. Just kidding! Adding the carelessness and charisma of a rose with the scorpion’s sting needs no introduction. And tattoo designs like these allow you to experiment. 

And this tattoo idea lets you go bonkers with the design concept, color combinations, and a lot of other things. Still, the outline of the scorpion needs to be perfected all right. 

Watercolor Tattoos

top trending tattoos for girls

If you are into colors, these tattoo ideas for women are exclusively meant for you. And while there can be many choices, a flower tattoo is probably the best choice to add color to, provided you get a good tattoo artist to do the heavy lifting for you.

Coming to the color aspects of a watercolor tattoo, you must be perceptive of the hues you choose to go with. And yes, it might take a few more sessions than expected. 

Artistic Tattoos

top trending tattoos for women

Yes. Artistic options are the miscellaneous picks of the tattoo world. They allow you to be expressive and are best depicted using the moon, stars, infinity tattoos, and other abstract yet galaxy-based options.

Plus, there is no limit to the options that you can consider while getting an artistic tattoo. But then, if you plan on getting one on your arm, I would urge you to get something minimal, precisely if you have an extensive waxing routine in place. 

Water Lilies

top tattoos for women

Who said sleeve tattoos could not be made into feminine tattoos? Well, a water lily has covered you as it is a highly expressive sleeve tattoo, symbolizing the neverending circle of one’s life. And most importantly, they aren’t easy to etch.

Personally, I would get a water lily inked on me right away. But here is a thing. You can only get as far with a stencil for water lilies. Instead, opt for a highly experienced tattoo artist who can improvise and align with your vision. 

Bird or Animals Tattoos

trending tattoos for women

Eagles, falcons, or small birds or animals, you can choose any preferred bird as a companion for life. And if done right, a bird or animal tattoo can symbolize patriotism, nobility, freedom, or even adventure. 

You do not need to get full-sized birds or animals when getting the on your arm, The best approach would be to get the face, beak, torso, or even the tail inked, depending on the physical symmetry. 


best tattoos for women

Remember those placement tattoos that you always get on your back? Well, you can get them on the upper arm or lower arm areas, depending on the design you like. And my first pick would be your zodiac sign if you are into that kind of stuff.

Also, if you are imaginative enough, you can create a trail of mini tattoos to depict a story, scenario, or anything abstract. 

Quotes and Illustrations

top trending tattoos for women

The possibilities are endless when it comes to this broad tattoo idea. However, you might get spoiled for choices and end up getting something that you don’t want. Therefore, choose well.

Character Tattoos

top trending tattoos ideas for women

It is great to have Marvel’s Elektra inked on you like sexy body art. Well, the options are endless here as you can get a tattoo with any superhero or a comic-book character that represents your fun parts.

If you want to go with something feminine, you can surf through the likes of snow white, cinderella, and more. But I do have a thing for action superstars like Elektra, Wonder Woman, and more. 

Roses and Skulls

trending tattoos ideas for women

The concept of guns and roses represents passion but so does Skulls & Roses. Best depicted by bold blacks, these tattoo designs are perfect for arms, especially the upper arm area.

However, there is a thing you can try, provided you are comfortable. While the skulls are good in black, the roses can be colored at will to create a sense of contrast. 

American Portrait

top trending tattoos ideas for ladies

If you want to take the native American heritage to newer heights, here is a chic tattoo idea that you can incorporate. And yes, to perfect them, you should keep an eye on the size, color, shades, and extent of blacks in play. 

If you seek actual ideas, a red Indian portrait can really look good and distinctively different. 


top tattoos ideas for women

Not suggesting a sleeve tattoo here cartoons are great tattoo ideas for women. While you can consider a dancing skeleton or two if you are being quirky, you can even pick some Disney tattoos to take funk to a whole new level. And yes, Disney tattoos are the best proponents of the native American culture, period. 

Most importantly, there aren’t any new or vintage cartoon characters that you cannot or should not cover. 

Tattoo Ideas for Thighs

top trending tattoos ideas for women

Note: if you are concerned about the pain associated with tattooing and body art, either opt for the best numbing creams or try and get the tattoos on the thighs, courtesy of the additional padding.

Watercolors Tattoos 

top trending tattoos ideas for ladies

A thigh tattoo lets you experiment with a lot of stuff, including colors, designs, and even ideas. Therefore, watercolor thigh tattoos might sound over the top to some, but they can be considered if you want to take the concept of body art to a whole new level. My picks for the design would be a colorful flower tattoo or even an animal portrait, say, the tiger.

And while watercolor tattoos are good to go almost anywhere, the thighs offer a lot of real estates to work with. 

Horizontal Floral

trending tattoo ideas for ladies

Most thigh tattoos are vertical as they use the length of the torso. However, you can always use the horizontal space to incorporate sunflower tattoos or other flowers to make them appear different. And yes, they are bold tattoos, which are right under your ass. Lol

To perfect a horizontal tattoo it is important that the tattoo artist relies on stencils. And yes, aftercare accessibility can be an issue at times. 


top trending tattoo ideas for women

 A big octopus tattoo is the OG of body art. And they are perfect if you want to cover the entire thigh with some slick detailing. 

Also, you can plan out quite a few tattoo designs if you plan on going for an octopus. However, how good and real you want the design to be, depends on your selection of the tattoo artist. And mind it, any octopus design you pick, try and nail the outline before anything else. 

Flowers and Girls

top trending tattoo ideas for ladies

Didn’t we have enough flowers? Yes, but this is different as it starts with a portrait that gives sexy summer vibes. 

A good start is to opt for a person sporting a flowery tiara. However, to get the design right, it is important to first run it by the tattoo artist. Especially to get the dimensions and colors on point.


top trending tattoo ideas for women

Some might belittle ribbons, but despite being simple, they are classic and symbolize breast cancer fights. The bold nature of the deep blacks of a ribbon tattoo can be thought about before visiting a professional. 

And ribbons aren’t that difficult to get right. All you need is to zero in on the thickness of the design, connect with the preferred tattoo artist, and get inked. But then, I would recommend two or more sessions to get the shading right. 

New-Age Serpent

tattoo ideas for women

While traditional snakes are always in fashion, you can spice up things a bit more by opting for the colorful, American-style new-gen serpent that represents the culture and helps express your fun nature. 

Also, with new-age serpents, you can go a tad more expressive when it comes to colors. Tattoo artists mostly prefer red but you can convey your personal preferences to make things a bit more personalized. 

Fonts on Thigh

top trending tattoo ideas for women

If you want something minimal, go for a smallish script detailed horizontally. These thigh tattoos need not have bold lines but a sense of cursive to them. 

Also with fonts, you can literally go all out, when designs are concerned. And while I recommend going all black instead of getting in colors, the outlines happen to be the most important aspect of the thigh-adhering fonts. 

Primrose Outlines

best tattoo ideas for women

Yes, now it is possible to have the evening primrose inked on your thighs. Considered a floral tattoo, the primrose outline can be made out of henna and can still look sexy. 

And primroses are extremely popular and simply getting an outline inked allows you to fill the same up with colors in the future, provided it makes sense at the given time. But then, you need to connect with a good tattoo artist to get the design right. 

Thigh-to-Hip Tatts

top trending tattoo ideas for women

Looking to maximize the tattoo real estate while getting inked. Well, a thigh-to-hip tattoo can do the job for you. And the options are endless, with the probable options being a large floral tattoo, phoenix, portrait, and more. 

But there is a catch. The design is hard to nail in one sitting. The best-case scenario is to get them done in three to even four tattooing sessions. Also, aftercare can be tricky as you need to spread the itinerary over a week or so. 

Text tattoos

top trending tattoo ideas for ladies

These are standard back-of-the-thigh tattoo ideas for women who prefer wearing short skirts. And if you are one of them, you can ensure that a tattoo as such represents your state of mind.

Plus, these designs are still mostly Quotes, adhering to the backside of your thighs or just under the buttocks. And mind you, you cannot expect them to be visible at all times, which lets you get a bit more adventurous. 

Tattoo Ideas for Legs

top trending tattoo ideas for women

Dragonfly Tattoos

top trending tattoo ideas for ladies

Leg tattoos for women can be the most innovative. But then, if you want to keep things simple yet attractive, I would recommend a dragonfly tattoo. Even though a dragonfly isn’t the most innovative tattoo design, it can look extremely detailed yet subtle, provided the artist gets the wings and webbings right.

There are small tattoos, which can do well with or without color combinations.


top trending tattoo ideas for ladies

Are you into colorful tattoo ideas? If yes, getting a dragon tattoo can really work. And dragon tats as the new choice of feminine body art allow you to play around with the details, colors, and obviously the dragon scales.

If you choose to look around, Dragon tats can offer a lot of credible designs for you to consider. You can opt for the Chinese dragon with fangs or anything else that might complement your personality better.

Ankle Tattoos

top trending tattoo ideas for girls

If you want to get a tattoo on your ankle, there are many different types to consider. Butterflies are the go-to options, but you can even also get a small floral tattoo, nature-based elements, or any other small tattoo design that can be scaled.

Also, ankles are kind of boney and not exactly tolerant to pain. Therefore, if you really want to get one, it would be advisable to get the priorities straight. 

Elephant Tattoos

top trending tattoo ideas for women

Yes, an elephant isn’t an obvious women’s tattoo idea. But then, who wants to stay restricted to the more obvious options. Best depicted in black, getting an elephant above or around the ankle can be an inventive selection, provided the body art is drawn right. 

Also, elephant tattoos, regardless of the option you pick, aren’t exactly small. So, you must decide on the area and get the same confirmed by the artist before proceeding. 

Dandelion Tattoos

 tattoo ideas for women

Have you considered tattoo ideas that wrap the ankle naturally? While floral tattoos are fine, nothing works better than a complex dandelion. And of the artist can nail the intricate tattoo design, it is possible to get a longish vine running all the way up to the knee, starting at the ankle.

These designs are mostly flowy, which makes them even harder to ignore. And yes, you can add in some colors as well. 

Mandala Tattoos

top trending tattoo ideas for ladies

An expansive mandala tattoo might not be the most meaningful one around, but it can be scaled as an ankle-to-thigh or even a sleeve tattoo. Mandala is certainly one of the best tattoo ideas for someone looking for detailed body art.

Also, there isn’t a theme to go with so you can improvise a bit more with mandala tattoos. Provided your artist permits the same. 

Behind-the-Knee Tats

best tattoo ideas for women

While you can still pick a butterfly or a bunch of flower tattoos for the area behind the ankle/knee, any other cool tattoo idea works. However, the area can be a tad hard to access for an inexperienced tattoo artist.

Also, aftercare can be a real pain in the knee as the area sweats more than other body parts. So, if you are interested in getting one, try winters. 

Skull Tattoos

top trending tattoo ideas for women

Arguably the most punked tattoos of the lot, getting a skull tattoo needs you to be doubly sure. But the thing with skulls is that you can pair them with Celtic tattoos or other meaningful tattoos to symbolize gore, chaos, and anarchy, better. 

However, I wouldn’t recommend getting colors on them as black skulls with even darker outlines look the best. 

Angel Wings

top trending tattoo ideas for ladies

It’s ironic to discuss angel wings right after skulls. But then, angel wings symbolize freedom and are arguably one of the best tattoo ideas for women. Even though they represent freedom, the wings can bind you up as addictive symbols. 

Also, angel wings for legs need not adhere to the guidelines of symmetry. Instead, you can try out different shapes, as long as they cover a lot of areas.

Tattoo Ideas for Forearm

top trending tattoo ideas for women

Pet Lines

top trending tattoo ideas for ladies

Pets are lovely, right! Well, you can immortalize them on your wrists or forearms by getting inked, preferably in pure black. 

But before you jump the gun, do know that getting pet lines right might take a really good tattoo artist. Also, it is better to stay away from colors if you only plan on getting the outlines right. 

Wrist Bands

best tattoo ideas for women

Probably not the most obvious of forearm tattoos, wrist bands are something that you can cherish forever. Better termed as wrist tattoos, the best options for bands include crown tattoos in various shades. 

Also, you should b aware of the fact that the wrist isn’t the most pain-tolerant area. Therefore, you need to check the type of machine used by the tattoo artist. It is good if a rotary pen is being used as it doesn’t bruise the area, significantly. 

Large Branches

top trending tattoo ideas for women

The forearm might not like a feminine spot, but it is. Also, if you fancy new ink or rather deep black ink as the choice of color, getting inked with an olive branch isn’t such a bad option.

Branches, if done right can look great. However, it might take a few sessions to get the veins and nitty-gritty of the branch right. 

Pet Portraits

top trending tattoo ideas for women

And while pet lines do not take a lot of technical acumen, you might have to visit the best tattoo artist in town to get a pet portrait. Plus, getting one right does require more than one session.

Flower Tattoos

Top trending Tattoo Ideas for women

Don’t diss me yet as this idea isn’t about those flowers that we already discussed. Instead, flower tattoos relevant to the forearm are strict feminine tattoos, represented by bold colors. And yes, these tattoos are gaining popularity, courtesy of the intricate design, perfect forearm compatibility, and sexy visuals.

Flowers on your forearm isn’t the newest tattoo idea but you can play around with the designs to make them stand out. 


top trending tattoo ideas for women

A bow represents feminism like no other. Girls who are looking to start out small can get the bow inked on their forearm. Also, the number of bows can create a meaning of sorts, which adds to their popularity.

Bow tattoos are not color intensive and can be completed within a few hours. However, the extent to which you want to highlight the outlines completely depends on you. 

Inner Arm Abstracts

top trending tattoo ideas for women

Not to mention, the inner arm is a relatively soft area and not the best choice if you are sensitive to pain. However, the inherent softness of the region makes it a great choice for sceneries and abstract tat designs.

Line Tattoos

top trending tattoo ideas for women

If you prefer a delicate tattoo or two on your forearm, personal lines are worth considering. Each personal line tattoo represents a meaning that girls cherish. It can either be a feather tattoo, a dream catcher, or something as sexy as a family tree. 

As evident from the ideas, these tattoos are small and quite pocket-friendly. Also, the choice of design can be anything that suits your personality the best. 

Simple Trees

tattoo ideas for women

And if you are feeling a bit adventurous while getting a tree tat done, adding some roots and branches to cover the entire arm can also be an option. 

Elbow Crease

top trending tattoo ideas for women

If you prefer black ink over bold colors, elbow crease can really look great. And these visible tattoos can be anything, starting from a simple lotus flower to a swarm of bees. 

Not to mention, the grease tattoos are hard to pull off as despite being small the appearance needs to be sticky and elbow adhering. And for this reason enough, you might want to connect with a professional.

Tattoo Ideas for the Sleeve Area

Leg Sleeves

top trending tattoo ideas for ladies

And if you aren’t sure about the leg sleeves, do take a look at a few samples that the artist has already inked. With bold outlines and even bolder colors to look at, they might just change your view about not getting one in the first place.

Scenery Sleeves

top trending tattoo ideas for women

Girls can create a sense of illusion on their upper arm sleeves with scenery and well-shaded sleeve tattoos. However, if the tattoo is to go from the wrist to the shoulder blades, I would recommend thin lines. 

Also, your upper arm offers sizable real estate for these tattoos to come out just right. But mind the pain if you will as the region doesn’t have a lot of padding for the artist to work with.

Traditional Tattoos

top trending tattoo ideas for women

Regardless of the region, you belong to; a traditional tattoo best represents your culture. And while they look really good with black ink, you can easily warm them up to a beautiful color palette.

Well, traditional tattoos aren’t the easiest ones to draw. But if can get a good artist to connect with, the tattoo that comes out might give all the other ideas a run for their money. 

Vine Arm

trending tattoo ideas for women

And as I mentioned previously, vines fit in almost everywhere. But then, you would be needing multiple sessions to get them right. 

Polynesian Tattoos

top trending tattoo ideas for women

Polynesian designs are creative as hell. And they can fit in almost anywhere, including thighs, leg sleeves, and the standard arm sleeves. 

And when it comes to the design choices, they are mostly abstract. Plus, more than the colors and blacks, they rely on the shading skills of the artist. To get one, it is important to go through a few designs first. 

Blackwork Tattoos

Flower Tattoos

And even without colors, you can simply make a great deal out of these tattoos by suggesting excellent shaded designs to the artist. 

Colorful Flowers

top trending tattoo ideas for women

While I did talk about most flower tattoos and combinations, if you want to get them on the upper arm, I would suggest picking one based on the complexion. 

Mandala Sleeves

top trending tattoo ideas for women

Mandala looks great on legs but there is a thing; they look equally exhilarating as sleeve tattoos. What works best for them is the ability to look good despite just having monochromes filling them up.

Realistic Tattoos

trending tattoo ideas for women

Girls that like having hyper-realistic portraits inked on their skin can go grey or black with big and small designs. And yes, realistic tattoos can be inspired ones and make for awesome-looking sleeves.

But to nail them correctly, the artist must be able to gauge your personality correctly. And one thing more, you would need to show up across sessions as realistic portraits are impossible to finish in one day. 

Standard B/W Sleeves

tattoos for women

Deep blacks on women with lighter skin tones look magical. Plus, you can even work on the scale of these black and white tattoos, depending on the arm size.

Also, they are easier versions of the monochromes that you might prefer, unlike the mandala tattoos. They are pocket-friendly and you are free to pick a size depending on the sleeve length and thickness. 

Top Feminine Picks

top trending tattoo ideas for ladies

Note: Not to judge here, but feminine tattoos are more like small tattoo ideas for women that might be simple or complex depending on the choices made.

Wrist Heart

top trending tattoo ideas for ladies

Many women prefer simple tattoos on their wrists, including classic hearts. And yes, despite being a tattoo for women, a heart has nothing to do with being girly, as you can always adjust the lines to make them more gender-specific.

And while wrist hearts look great in droves and in black, you can get a few colored ones as well, as per the complexion. 

Bird Tattoos

trending tattoo ideas for girls

Yes, a bird tattoo right next to the hip bone is feminine, and it is exactly what it’s supposed to look like. And while many women might find these tattoos a tad overwhelming, there are quite a few choices to make and different meanings to decipher. 

Also, getting a bird inked closer to your hip might need discretion, multiple sessions, and effective aftercare strategies. So it is important to plan things out, beforehand.

Behind-the-Ear Tattoos

tattoo ideas for women

If you are into a small tattoo design, getting something behind the ear is always a good feminine option. As far as the choices go, you can pick any delicate tattoo, like a feather tattoo, or simply opt for small star tattoos, Christian tattoos, any zodiac sign like the Taurus tattoos or Gemini tattoos, or anything else.

However, you need to keep a close eye on the pain and segregate multiple tattoos across sessions.

Floral Torso

best tattoo ideas for women

I am still not done with flowers, it seems. Well, floral tattoo ideas for women are plentiful, to say the least, and you can consider getting one near the torso or closer to the ribs. Unlike floral hand tattoos, getting a lotus tattoo or a dandelion on the torso offers a lot of real estates to work with. 

And as is the case with any other torso tattoo, you can pack several colors over days to make the tat a breathing masterpiece.

Small Hip Tats

top tattoo ideas for women

There can be many tattoo ideas that pair perfectly with that cute little bum of yours. Some of the best picks include feather tattoos, a curvy wolf tattoo, a colorful lotus flower, Taurus tattoos provided the zodiac sign permits the same, or some birth dates clubbed as one. 

The final selection, however, should be able to complement your personality better. And yes, hips are the most pain-tolerant parts of the body. Now that’s anything but a bummer.

Foot Tattoos

tattoo ideas for women

Girls love foot tattoos. And while they accentuate the overall beauty of the digits, they look great on the skin. As far as the choices are concerned, they can either be quote-inspired, feather tattoos, cute little drawings, branches, or anything else that’s an epitome of beauty. 

But then, tats for your feet come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, which you can select as per budget and preferences. 

Top Random Picks


best tattoo ideas for women

A simple word or two can fit in anywhere. And the magic of a word clubbed with smaller and cute elements like sun, moon, flower, or the world can fit in almost anywhere, like on the neck, shoulder blades, wrist tattoos, and more.

But here is yet another innovative idea! If you are into words, consider getting a few multi-lingual quotes and signs handy. They can certainly spice up things for you.

Torso Tattoo Design

top trending tattoo ideas for girls

While badass tattoos are all fun, a delicate tattoo or two can accentuate the essence of feminism in girls and women alike. Also, these tattoos can run long, right from the breast to the hip or the neck to the shoulder blade, depending on how you choose to be inspired. The mesmerizing torso-clad body art accentuates the overall beauty of the skin and comes as an inspiration to many. 

Rib Quotes

tattoo ideas for women

Line Dots

top trending tattoo ideas for girls

These tattoo ideas are random enough and clearly minimal. Also, these tattoos for women aren’t pricey and can be accommodated within the budget. And if you are into the essence of these tattoo designs for women, you can think of them as great ways to decorate the fingers or other hand tattoos, for that matter. Women opt for fine line dots to pair them with different styles, art forms, and other top tattoo designs.

Essentially finger tats, but they can also fit well as behind the ear or collar to bone tats, provided you are ready for the pain.

Moon Tattoos

best tattoo ideas for women

Also, you can create different moon designs for yourself by changing the shade you opt for. 

How to Get the Right Tattoo?

Now that I have enlisted 101 women’s tattoos, precisely the ideas, the job doesn’t end there. Tattoos for women aren’t always about different styles but even the image they wear in daily life. Also, the pain tolerance, ability to follow a strict aftercare regime, and more need to be considered before girls can finalize the right design. 

Consult a Professional

Girls or women must first talk to a professional to get the right tattoo design selected for them. It can either be inspired, cute, sexy, badass, or more. However, a professional can always tell you better. 

Value Meaning over Hype

It is essential to value the meaning of and the inspiration behind the tattoos over the hype. For instance, you can pick wings to represent something as powerful as freedom over Christian tattoos that mostly look great and slick. 

Value Comfort over Sheen

Tattoos for women need to be selected depending on whether the same is comfortable for them or not. Girls can feel a lot of pain in select delicate areas like the neck, ribs, and more, which means that more than the sheen or brightness of the tattoo, the pain tolerance, and overall comfort must be prioritized. 

Pain isn’t Permanent

This statement might look counterintuitive as compared to the previous point. But then, pain tolerance is justified if the tattoo is important and supposed to be inspired by a deeper meaning. In most cases, inspiration trumps discomfort every single day. 

Prepare for Aftercare

Tattoos for women might look cute, but aftercare can be a bullet to bite. Therefore, it is important to talk to the artist and get the aftercare regimen on point before going under the needle. Also, for tattooed regions like the neck, back, and hips, accessibility can be an issue when it comes to aftercare. 

Are tattoos for women attractive enough?

Yes, tattoos for women are completely attractive, provided they opt for a tattoo that resonates with their personality. It can be a simple tattoo but should be able to complement the attire, makeup, and overall persona. Also, a tattooed woman must be able to carry herself right by pairing the tattoo with the right set of clothes. 

Where do tattoos for women hurt the most?

Getting tattooed around the breast, ribs, and neck can hurt the most. However, the pain is worth it as the final tattoo comes out to be exceedingly cute. 

What is the most popular tattoo for a girl?

As far as raw popularity is concerned, a portrait tattoo, pet tattoo, wrist heart tattoo, and behind-the-neck tattoo come across as the more popular options. 

What is the most popular tattoo for a woman over 50?

Tattoos for women over 50 often comprise quotes and texts with names of family members tattooed on the arm or the shoulder. Also, 50+ women often choose tattoo options and designs with different meanings that can be cute, inspirational, and deep, all at the same time.


Well, tattoo ideas for women aren’t hard to find. However, if you are choosy about the color, pattern, texture, or even the message, these 101 tattoo ideas can easily point you in the right direction. But then, choosing one or even a handful from the mentioned choices isn’t a compulsion, and you are free to look elsewhere for getting a tattoo of choice. 

Robert Green

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