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10 Best Coil Tattoo Machines to Invest in 2024

Tattooing has never been this popular. Despite the pandemic-induced restrictions, the tattoo industry has surged ahead at a reasonable rate, more so due to the availability of the best coil tattoo machine choices. This resurgence has made several enthusiasts more and more inclined towards professional tattoo making.

Besides, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that the technological advancement about rotary machines has played a major role in making life easier for enthusiastic and professional tattoo artists.

Best Coil Tattoo Machine — Quick Summary

In a hurry! Here are our top picks for the best coil tattoo machines

At Tattoo Machine Guns, we prioritize affordability more than anything else. Considering the price point for beginners, we have decided to put these coil tattoo machines atop our list.

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However, despite the rotary machine being the more portable and holistic solution for any tattoo professional, nothing beats the flavors of conformism. This is the reason why we have decided to take up the best coil tattoo machines in the subsequent discussions, whilst enlisting the most effective way to use and implement the same.

Also, with the tattoo industry slated to assume a market value of $1.2 billion, both coil and rotary tattoo machines have to play a major role in facilitating global adoption.

But for now, we are going to restrict this discussion to coil tattoo machines, as we believe that traditional coil machines are still good enough to match up with the skills and innovation offered by rotary tattoo machines. While they do come with a few drawbacks and bottlenecks, the shader and liner brilliance often outweigh the basic restrictions.

Best Coil Machines to use in 2024

In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about the best coil tattoo machines that can fit into any professional tattoo artist’s repertoire. While a rotary tattoo machine is still easier to use, coil tattoo machines are more seasoned, tested, and traditional tattoo resources for the more experienced artists.

Let’s jump right into the discussion and the coil tattoo machines’ reviews

1. Dragonhawk Complete Coil tattoo kit – Best Overall

Best Coil Tattoo Machine


  • Flaunts brass frames
  • Offers money-back guarantee
  • Equipped with a needle bar retainer
  • The package comes bundled with 50 sterilized tattoo needles
  • One of the better tattoo coil machine kits with four inclusions


Contrary to popular opinion, the Dragonhawk Complete Coil tattoo kit is still a powerful tattooing resource. Best known for its pro-level performances and top-most build quality, this best coil tattoo machine kit doesn’t compromise on affordability or performance either.

Instead, you get an entire set of dependable brass coil tattoo machines, bundled with a clip cord, foot pedal, power supply, and more. Dragonhawk also houses practice skins and other accessories within the package, including the needle bar retainer and additional tattoo needles.

Envisioned and ideated by one of the more prominent tattoo artists, Gabe Shum, the Dragonhawk Complete Coil tattoo kit is all about professional brilliance and a holistic setup for beginner and mid-level professionals.

Despite being one of the best tattoo coil machine kits with four individual coil machines to show for it, this product from Dragonhawk leaves no stone unturned when machine testing is concerned. Each offering is manually tested to avoid structural and durability issues. Plus, the capabilities of this starter kit in drawing a precision line are at par with any rotary tattoo machine.

Not just that, the strengthened and heavy brass frames are perfectly complemented by the copper coils, which make it easier for you to sail through the most complicated tattoo designs with ease. Also, the pre-existing power supply module ensures accurate voltage adjustments, allowing you to modulate the hit and give as per the skin surface.

Finally, the 304L steel followed by the clean soldering technology makes each of the 50 coil tattoo machine needles extremely top-shelf.

  • Best tattoo machine beginner
  • The power supply is fairly impactful
  • Ideated by a renowned professional
  • The power liner is one of the best options in the retail space
  • You can always get a refund if unsatisfied with the product quality
  • Each inclusion isn’t essential
  • Heavier lining machine gun can be difficult to hold for long

2. Pirate Face Grinder Tattoo Kit – Best with Radiant Colors

Pirate Face Grinder Tattoo Kit


  • Best for any tattoo studio
  • Hand-crafted coil machines
  • A professional-grade liner, shader set
  • Features 7 radiant colors, promising better tattooing experiences


Pirate Face has always been a known name in the coil tattoo machine aisle. However, the Grinder tattoo Kit is what takes its credibility to a whole new level, owing to the availability of numerous accessories and tattooing resources.

To start with, each of the many tattoo coil machines comes with 10 wrap coils, which accentuate the electromagnetic properties of the same, thereby making the machines run slower but with exceptional power. Complementing the ’10 wrap coil’ layout are the curated needles, grips, and tips.

While the grinder tattoo kit is currently being retailed as a go-to product for beginners, our professional experts at Tattoo Machine Guns were more than happy with the lining performances. Plus, this is one of the few tattoo coil tattoo machine kits to offer a detailed instructional guide for you to rely on.

While the guidebook is a good enough resource for a beginner, the low price point also adds to its credibility of the same. Plus, the power output of the multiple coil machines is exemplary, owing to the 10-wrap coil setup.

Coming to the coil tattoo machine kit in general, you get hold of 4 brass coil tattoo machines followed by the stainless steel cups for holding the 7 variants of the Radiant Colors Ink. Also, there is stencil paper, select rubber bands, needles, and a foot pedal bundled with the device.

When it comes to lining and shading, this liner-shader kit offers the best coil tattoo machines to work with. Plus, the shorter back spring associated with the iron liner coil tattoo machine allows you to distinguish the same from the shader.

Overall, the brass coils tattoo machines associated with the Grinder tattoo kit are nothing less than steals for the given price point, more so if you are a lining professional or simply a beginner.

  • Heavy-duty coil machine
  • Versatile tattoo set with liner-shader support
  • Radiant Colors tattoo ink variants are skin-friendly
  • Higher deliverable power for better and maneuverable hits
  • The power supply can be erratic
  • Some beginners find it difficult to control the hit

3. Red Scorpion Coil Tattoo Machine – Best Liner for a Beginner

Red Scorpion Coil Tattoo Machine


  • Online guide
  • Frame made of cast iron
  • Chassis with 8 wrap coils
  • The dedicated speed armature bar
  • Advanced solenoid valve enhancement


The Redscorpion cast iron liner coil tattoo machine belongs to a breed of best coil tattoo machines that is hailed for its lining capabilities. Plus, there are several good things about this coil machine, which inspire confidence and put these behemoths at par with rotary tattoo pen machines, in terms of innovation and versatility.

What works best for a tattoo artist is unmatched accuracy. The precision lining support, adhering to the iron frame is what adds to the credibility of this machine. Therefore, if exactitude is what you seek as a professional, there is no better device than the Red Scorpion coil tattoo machine.

The Redscorpion cast iron liner also boasts excellent electric and magnetic conductivity, allowing you to manipulate the hit with ease. Plus, this cast iron liner coil tattoo machine also thrives on consistency and the inclusion of the solenoid valve support for managing the machine speeds with ease.

The armature bar furthers the lining precision of this coil tattoo machine. Keeping the accuracy aside, you can also purchase the Redscorpion cast iron liner for easy setup and minimal requirements focused on tuning and screw tightening.

Overall, if you are seeking affordable coil tattoo machines for lining, which are exceedingly accurate when precision cuts and exact lines are concerned, the Redscorpion liner coil tattoo machine is worth investing in.

  • Zero heating
  • Best for longer lines
  • Smooth needle motion
  • The armature bar adds to the power
  • Accurate needle movement and lines
  • Heavier than usual
  • Wrapping job isn’t the best

4. Dragonhawk Complete Kit Coils Tattoo Machines – Best for Lining and Shading

Dragonhawk Complete Kit Coils Tattoo Machines


  • Brass frames
  • Brings in an armature bar
  • Supports casting technology
  • The front spring is powerful enough
  • Good for pushing needle groupings
  • Only two machines are necessary


The Dragonhawk Complete coil tattoo machine doesn’t come with one-dimensional attributes but as a complete tattoo kit with a liner and shader in play. This is one of the few coil tattoo machine kits that keep clutter to a minimum and only accommodate the machines that are required.

Plus, the Complete tattoo kit also stacks in practice skin, a foot pedal, and a dedicated power supply for a budding tattoo artist in you to gain the required experience. The range of supplies does not end here as the Dragonhawk complete coil tattoo kit also includes 20, multi-colored inks, as a part of the starter pack.

Despite the inclusions, there are no quality compromises as both the brass framed machines are exceedingly durable and good enough for at least a couple of years. Plus, the coil tattoo machines of the kit come with 10 wrap coils for excellent magnetic force and hit maneuvering capabilities.

Not to mention the affordable price point that furthers the credibility of this resourceful coil tattoo machine kit.

  • Zero heating
  • Sturdy machines
  • LED-based power supply
  • Wide-range of accessories
  • The 10-wrap arrangement is good enough for stronger hits
  • Inks aren’t professional grade

5. OTW Coil Tattoo Machine – Best Handcrafted Machine

OTW Coil tattoo Machine


  • Brass frame
  • 8-wrap coil design
  • Brass Posts and Screw
  • Powerful liner machine


The coil tattoo machine from One Tattoo World is as efficient as some of the best rotary tattoo machines. Plus, this is one of the more sought-after products in the retail arena, best suited for beginners and professionals alike.

Currently retailed as a liner machine, the coil machine from OTW also doubles down as a reliable tool for shading. Not just that, OTW is already an established name in the industry and the coil machines manufactured by the same are some of the more durable entities to work with.

Coming to the performance, this coil tattoo machine features 8 wrap coils, which adds to the magnetic conductivity of the same. The decent wrapping job is best characterized by the ability of the professional to change the hit and modulate the power, if and when necessary.

Plus, the electrical conductivity, as supported by the existing power supply, is capable of functioning well at lower voltages. This way, you can manage a longer tattooing session as the vibrations aren’t as pronounced as on higher voltages. Also, much credit for this attribute goes to the armature bar, which also adds to the appealing aesthetics of the OTW coil tattoo machine.

Overall, this is one of the better coil tattoo machines to invest in if you are looking for something affordable yet perfect enough for professionals.

  • Vintage layout
  • Easy on skin surfaces
  • Light and easy to use
  • Accessible customer service
  • Not versatile enough
  • Parts aren’t easy to find

6. Micky Sharpz Machine – Best Coil Tattoo machine in terms of Aesthetics

Best Coil Tattoo Machine


  • 10-wrap coil layout
  • Casting technology
  • Contact screw is easy to get around
  • Support for tattoo tubes to customize lining and shading capabilities


The Micky Sharpz tattoo machine is one of the best tattoo machines on the list. For starters, we were most impressed by the brass frame followed by the ability to work with tattoo tubes to maneuver the lining and shading qualities, as per preferences.

Also, the casting technology associated with this device allows you to keep the machine stable during longer sessions. This feature automatically makes room for smoother lines and high-quality designs. Plus, the aesthetics, despite the sturdy brass frame, keeps overheating at bay.

Coming to the overall structure, the CNC-crafted chassis also flaunts machined billet, which in turn renders the same corrosion resistant. Besides, the wrapping design allows you to get sufficient tattooing power without vibrations.

Overall, this is one of the strongest and most efficient tattoo machines on the list, best known for its exceptional aesthetics and powerful impact, courtesy of the wrap coils.

  • Affordable
  • No overheating
  • Attractive layout
  • Minimal vibrations
  • Not a lot of information available

7. Rick Saverias – Light-weighted Machine

Rick Saverias


  • Handcrafted machine
  • Heavy armature bar
  • Meant for quick tattooing
  • Higher voltage requirement


If you are still looking for a versatile machine for lining and shading jobs, the light and portable Rick Saverias coil tattoo machine is the one to invest in. As a hand-crafted machine, it guarantees exceptional durability and longevity. Plus, the structural footprint doesn’t add to the heft, making it one of the lighter coil tattoo machines on the list.

The Rick Saverias coil tattoo machine is also one of the more affordable options in the retail space, provided value for money is something you are looking for. Despite the company not releasing any credible info related to the structural entities of this coil tattoo machine, we could infer the same is exceedingly durable, upon testing the same for longevity and durability.

Plus, as a coil tattoo gun, there are a lot of excellent things that Rick Saverias takes pride in, including the nifty construction and controllable needle motion for changing the hit and impact, as desired. However, our only gripe with this tattoo machine is that it has a higher voltage threshold, which automatically entails increased vibrations.

Also, the shorter spring at the back makes it a better choice for the lining. Overall, if a faster tattooing experience is what you seek as an artist, the Rick Saverias coil tattoo machine comes forth as a prudent choice.

  • Light and portable
  • Meant for faster designs
  • Professional-grade construction
  • Compatible with multiple needle groupings
  • Vibrates quite a bit

8. Hawink Tattoo Machine – Best Pure Copper Machine

Best Coil Tattoo machine


  • Brass front
  • 24-gauge coating
  • Powerful front spring
  • Rear binding supported
  • Dedicated armature bar


If versatility is one of your primary concerns, the Hawink coil machine is certainly the best bet in the retail space. Plus, you can pick up a tattoo machine of choice, depending on your requirements. This means you are free to get a liner, shader, or both machines for a more complete tattooing experience.

The generic structural design comprises powder-coated steel, which is scratch and rust-resistant. Plus, the fittings and the binding posts are made of brass. Each of the machines, therefore, is compatible with multiple tattooing grips, allowing professional tattoo artists to select one based on the length of the tattooing session.

Coming to the technicalities, this tattoo coil machine focuses attention on the armature bar, capable of handling multiple needle groupings. Plus, the impact-absorbing design is good enough for laying down softer blends whilst dampening the vibrations, normally associated with coil machines.

As far as device specifications are concerned, the Hawink Liner comprises 10 wrap coils whereas the shader fits in 12 for better magnetic conductivity. Not just that, the liner machine flaunts a pure copper chassis, which also throws in an impactful vice screw. In addition to that, the 3.5mm needle throw associated with the line is also suited for single lines and extraordinary ink flow.

Overall, if you are looking for a tattoo machine that strikes the perfect balance between speed, stroke length, and power, the shader or liner, or both from the Hawink, is the best bet in the market.

  • Sturdy chassis
  • Minimal vibrations
  • Different frame colors
  • Excellent magnetic conductivity
  • Requires a few adjustments
  • Buying the perfect coil machine can be confusing

9. Taone Tattoo Coil Machine Gun – Best for Professionals

Taone Coil Tattoo Machine


  • Brass frame
  • 10 wrap coils
  • CNC carved chassis
  • Handmade coil machine
  • Works at lower voltages


The professional coil tattoo machine from Taone takes productivity and design quality to a whole new level. Plus, if you are actually looking to add something significant to your repertoire as an artist there isn’t a better machine than this one.

Firstly, it is the tattoo frame that stands out, flaunting high-end brass and a CNC-carved chassis. The device might be on the heavier side but certainly worth the investment, courtesy of the 10 wrap coils in play. The wrapping job is close to perfect and allows you to get a decent torque for modulating the hit and give, accordingly.

The coils flaunt copper wire and ensure that you have one of the best liner machines for the job. Plus, the included elements ensure uniform speed and smoother lines. Not just that, you can even use this for color packing.

This is one of the few tattoo machines that work with multiple needles and grips. Also, the working voltage range is pretty extensive and allows you to operate the coil machine at lower voltages, something in the range of 4V. This feature effectively minimizes vibrations.

Also, this is one of the few coil machines that hardly overheat and do not make any noise whatsoever. Besides, if you are looking for faster deliveries, nothing beats Taone in terms of promptness.

  • Rugged chassis
  • Low operating noise
  • High operational speeds
  • Ombre finish looks excellent
  • Extended operating voltage range
  • Heavier than expected
  • Not a machine for beginners

10. Atomus Coil Tattoo Machine Kit – Best for Lining and Shading Precision

Best Coil tattoo machine


  • Zinc alloy
  • Stable operations
  • Kit comprises liner and shader
  • Excellent operational voltage range


The Atomus coil tattoo machine kit is stacked with two separate options, comprising a powerful liner and a pretty resourceful shader. As far as the operational performances are concerned, this tattoo kit is capable of working at different voltages, ranging from 6V to 9V.

This way, it becomes easier for a tattoo artist to use the machines for different skin surfaces, regardless of the hit and needle depth. Plus, the 10-wrap coil design is good enough to guarantee excellent magnetic conductivity, thereby ensuring seamless usage.

Coming to the structure, this gadget assumes a zinc-layered chassis, which is still good enough for keeping vibrations to a minimum. However, both the liner and shader machines do not weigh the same and there are considerable structural differences to account for.

The durable and good-looking liner-shader kit has two machines that can easily assume the highest possible rotating speeds in the 23000r/m range. While this feature guarantees smoother operations, it helps you manage any tattoo work or design without sweat.

Therefore, if you are in the market for buying a coil tattoo machine kit with a shader and liner added into the mix, the Atomus trumps other tattoo machine brands in terms of tattoo equipment quality and other specs.

  • Durable chassis
  • Extended voltage range
  • One of the best liner machines on the market
  • Two best tattoo machines for any tattoo studio
  • Not as light as a rotary machine
  • Shader and liner are structurally dissimilar, which might lead to confusions

Buying a Coil Tattoo Machine – Detailed Guide

The best coil tattoo machines aren’t easy to find, especially if you are a beginner. Considering the myriad difficulties and pain points associated with identifying a coil machine, we have prepared a buying guide for you to look at. Here is the table of contents that you need to be mindful of before purchasing the relevant tattoo machines

Therefore, if you are planning to purchase a coil tattoo machine for your tattoo shop, you are better off evaluating the offerings against the mentioned buying guide:


Coil tattoo machines are anything but cheap. Therefore, durability inadvertently becomes one of the most important aspects to consider before investing in a tattoo machine. In addition to the structural strength, it is advisable to get a coil machine with at least a year of holistic warranty.


A coil tattoo machine allows you to make selections based on the frame or the chassis material. For instance, if you are a tattoo artist with bigger arms and looking to eliminate vibrations, you are advised to purchase coil tattoo machines with brass and iron frames. An iron or brass coil tattoo machine is heavy enough to cut out vibrations and make it easier for you to etch out the best possible designs.

However, if you are starting, aluminum and zinc frames are better choices for tattoo machines, courtesy of the lightness of form and minimal skin rupturing qualities.


Coil tattoo machines are mostly one-dimensional. This means you can use the same either for lining or shading, depending on your requirements. However, the nature of the best coil tattoo machine is influenced by the quality of the spring.

If you are looking to get one strictly for lining, check for the best coil tattoo machines with shorter spring lengths. Similarly, coil tattoo machines for shading are best identified by longer springs. The tattoo machine selections, however, depend on the tattooing process and the skill sets of the tattoo artist.


Coil tattoo machines are bigger and heavier as compared to conventional and pen-style rotary machines. Therefore, before you invest in one, it is advisable to check for the grip size and the ease of handling to better manage the best tattoo machine across longer tattooing sessions.

Top Rated Coil Tattoo Machines

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FAQs – Best Coil Tattoo Machines

What are the best coil tattoo machines?

Based on the tests conducted by professional tattoo artists and word-of-mouth reviews as procured from customers, the Hawink coil tattoo machine is the best standalone resource to rely on. While the Dragonhawk kit holds the topmost position on our list, it is still a kit and not a single tattoo machine, unlike the one from Hawick.

What is the best tattoo machine on the market?

There are several high-end coils and rotary tattoo machines in the market but as we are talking about the traditional tattooing resources, our vote would go to the Redscorpion coil tattoo machine, precisely for its ability to manage extended tattooing sessions, seamlessly enough.

Which is better, rotary or coil tattoo machines?

It depends on the preferences of the tattoo artist. For instance, if you are more into versatility, a rotary tattoo machine is a pretty good choice. However, if you are a high-end professional who isn’t worried about mobility but performance and tattoo work, nothing beats the efficacy of the best coil tattoo machine. 

Conclusion – Are the Best Coil Tattoo Machines worth investing in?

Every listed coil tattoo machine and tattoo kit is extremely useful when it comes to helping clients get the design of their choice. However, the final selection of the best coil tattoo machine depends on a lot of factors, including size, heft, wrap coils, needle bar, spring length, and more.

However, if you are still slightly confused about the selections, do pick the Dragonhawk complete coil tattoo kit without second thoughts, as it strikes the perfect balance between power and pricing.


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