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10 Best Tattoo Power Supply Choices in 2024

Tattoo-making is all about precision. Still, inking a customer takes a lot more than an artistic bent of mind. As an artist, you need a competent coil or rotary tattoo machine and certainly the best tattoo power supply to go with the same.

Plus, a tattoo supply should always perform at its peak state, which requires the artist in you to pair the best tattoo power supplies with the machine. While the job of a tattoo machine power supply might sound easy enough, it actually involves the highest possible levels of voltage and power adjustment.

Also, tattoo power supplies to ensure that you do not end up over or underworking the designs. This means, a good tattoo power supply with a foot pedal to control the power and voltage, can help you modulate the hit and give, depending on the nooks and crannies of the design and the ability to adjust the voltage. 

Best Tattoo Power Supplies — Quick Summary

We understand that you might be pressed for time. In case you do not want to read through the post and are willing to take our word then here is our top pick for the best tattoo power supply.

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What are the different types of tattoo power supplies

Tattoo power supplies are segregated into digital and analog power supplies. While the digital modules are easy to use and almost perfect for beginners, analog tattoo power supplies are preferred by professionals more reliant on coil tattoo machines.

Which tattoo power supply is the best – Digital or Analog

It eventually depends on your preferences and skill levels. A digital power supply showcases a digitized interface, which is easy to read and calibrate. While we have no negative bias toward tattoo power supplies, they aren’t easy enough to use and not meant for beginners.

Therefore, if seamlessness is one of your priorities, it is better to opt for the digital tattoo power supply. On the other hand, analog supplies are cheaper and often ineffective for beginners.

How to Set Up a Tattoo Power Supply

Before we start this post about the best tattoo power supplies, it is necessary to understand how the setup works. Be it a rotary tattoo machine that doesn’t make a lot of noise or powerful and pricey coil tattoo machines that are best known for their lasting buzz, tattoo power supplies need to be set up rather perfectly.

For getting started, you need to connect the machine to the power supply, using the existing power cord. You also need to fix the pedal modes and switch on the machine. As tattoo power supplies come with LCD displays, you can adjust the voltage, depending on the type of design.

The best-case scenario is to choose a tattoo supply that can operate between 4V to 12V, as for lining you would require something close to 8V whereas shading might stretch you to even 10 volts.

Best Tattoo Power Supply [Expert’s Choice]

Identifying the 10 best tattoo power supplies wasn’t easy. However, experts at Tattoo Machine Guns tested close to 30 digital tattoo power supplies across diverse parameters like overall power, range, voltage adjusting capabilities, types of meter, overall connectivity, and price.

Here are the 10 tattoo power supplies that could make the cut:

1. BRONC Tattoo Power Supply – Best Overall

Best Tattoo Power Supply


  • Touch screen display
  • Comes with a clip cord
  • Overload support and protection
  • Separate preset modes for lining and shading
  • The maximum output power of 68W makes it good enough for rotary and coil tattoo machines


This digital tattoo power supply module is one of the more technologically equipped options in the retail space. For starters, you get access to a touchscreen panel, supporting instantaneous calibration and adjustments.

Our experts were also impressed with the liner and shader presets, which are expected to make things easier for tattoo artists working in a reputed tattoo studio. Plus, this power supply is loaded with several digital precision features, which make it easier to operate.

As far as specifications are concerned, this tattoo power supply allows you to work in an extensive voltage range i.e. 3V-18V. Therefore, you can easily use the same for lining, shading, and even color packing, depending on your preferences.

The BRONC power supply is one of the few power supplies in the market to offer protection against current overload. Plus, the footswitch and even conventional power-switching modes are worth investing in.

Therefore, if you are seeking an all-purpose power supply that even offers a touch panel with a protective film to shield it further, the tattoo machine power supply support from BRONC is a go-to option.

  • Light and portable
  • Supports automated functioning
  • Liner and shader presets available
  • Way too advanced for the more traditional artists

2. Pirate Face Power Supply – Best with Foot Pedal

Pirate Face Power Supply


  • Foot pedal included
  • Extensive voltage range
  • Weighs close to 2 pounds
  • Comes with a dedicated clip cord


The tattoo power supply from Pirate Face boasts an excellent voltage range, with 1.5V being the starting point. However, there is a lot more to this tattoo machine power supply unit than the extensive voltage range. With this professional tattoo power supply, you can adjust the voltage to suit diverse lining and shading requirements.

If you are already using a supply unit with rotary or coil machines, this unit from Pirate Face makes switching easier than ever. This means you can make the best use of the dual power supply technology and connect two machines at once.

Changing between the functionalities is also easier as you only need to flick a switch and get going. Our experts were most impressed by the flat and steel-clad foot pedal, an accessory that offers additional flexibility to tattoo artists. Also, the 6 feet clip cord allows you to connect almost every tattoo machine to the power supply module, without breaking a sweat.

Overall, this dual tattoo power supply module allows you to pair dual tattoo machine choices with ease, whilst helping you make the best use of voltage presets and voltage adjustment options.

  • Automated performance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Easy to use dual tattoo power supply module
  • Can accommodate two tattoo machines at once
  • Not easy to source and procure if you aren’t from the USA

3. OTW Tattoo Machine Power Supply – Best with a Potentiometer

One Tattoo Machine Power Supply World OTW-P008


  • LCD panel
  • Dual clip cords
  • Comes with a dedicated foot pedal
  • Comes with a dedicated potentiometer


As a professional tattoo artist, you need to consider the OTW professional power supply resource for taking the designs and tattoo machine compatibility to the next level.

To start with, this product comes with dual clip cords, allowing you to connect two tattoo machines at once. Plus, there is a digital display to work with, which makes calibration easier than ever.

While this tattoo power supply can be used with any rotary machine of choice, professionals using coil machines are better off with this product in the mix. However, what most reviewers miss looking at is the inclusion of a dedicated potentiometer.

This 13-dial unit allows you to control the voltage better and ensure that the voltage presets can be used according to the machine and design at hand. Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to tag it as the best tattoo power supply for those who are looking to use coil and rotary tattoo machines, interchangeably.

Lastly, there is also a foot pedal added into the mix, with stainless steel being the material of interest. Overall, this is one multi-functional machine, which allows you to adjust the voltage better, courtesy of the dedicated potentiometer.

  • Multi-functional
  • Dual-clip cords in play
  • Can help with lining and shading at the same time
  • The potentiometer comes with 13 dials and offers better control
  • Not easy to get for individuals outside the USA

4. Cheyenne Power Supply – Best in terms of Portability

Best Tattoo Power Supply


  • Touch display
  • Excellent power voltage range
  • Helps regulate stroke frequency
  • Comes with overloading protection


The Cheyenne tattoo machine power supply kit is one of the more handy resources to have for a tattoo artist. However, we were particularly fond of the touch panel, which is user-friendly and allows you to calibrate the voltage levels, with ease.

The top-shelf foot pedal is yet another powerful resource to consider, provided you can use the same to your advantage. Coupled with an impactful power cord, the Cheyenne professional power supply device readily qualifies as one of the best options to invest in.

As far as the structural layout is concerned, this isn’t a fragile and tiny device. However, it is still easy enough to carry around, provided you are an experienced tattoo artist.

Our only gripe is the single-machine output, making it pretty restrictive for hardcore professional artists. Overall, if you are looking for a tattoo power machine that comes with a dedicated cable chip, the Cheyenne tattoo supply unit is the one to purchase.

  • Touch panel
  • Easy to use
  • Zero power fluctuations
  • Helps simplify the tattooing process
  • Allows you to modulate stroke frequency up to 160 turns
  • Single power output
  • Doesn’t offer dedicated memory modes

5. Dragonhawk P077L – Best with anti-fatigue functionality

Dragonhawk Tattoo Power Supply


  • Anti-fatigue support
  • Weighs a mere 145g
  • Voltage overload protection
  • Comes with a clip cord and foot pedal
  • Consistent digital tattoo power supply


Here comes a multi-purpose power supply that takes resourcefulness to the summit. Coming to the features, this supply machine is capable of powering both coil and rotary tattoo supplies, without you having to switch modes.

Not just that, this is one of the best tattoo power supplies to invest in, provided you are an experienced and indulgent artist, with a penchant for an anti-fatigue mode. This means the Dragonhawk P077L allows supportive voltage adjustment, which ensures that you can use the machine for longer spells, only by maneuvering the hit, give, and the generated power.

Topping these features off is the unmatched voltage activation accuracy, which allows you to ink the customers as per the tattoo stencil or the design in mind. Plus, managing this tattoo power supply device is easy, courtesy of the simple on/off switch.

In case you are interested in accessories, there is one dedicated foot pedal and a reliable clip cord to work with, boasting protection against overload. Overall, if you are interested in maximizing tattooing efficiency, this professional power supply gadget is the best bet, for both rotary and coil machines.

  • Light and portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Anti-fatigue support for longer tattooing sessions
  • Digital LCD display can be calibrated with ease
  • Can protect rotary and coil machines against voltage surges
  • Not the most cost-effective power supply

6. Cheyenne Compact Power Supply – Best for Lining and Shading

Best Tattoo Power Supply Machine


  • Ergonomic build quality
  • Weighs only 150 grams
  • Offers dual operation mode
  • Works best with Cheyenne Sol rotary tattoo machine


The Cheyenne Compact digital tattoo power supply is the best buying decision you can make if you are more into rotary tattoo pens. Also, managing this machine might look easier but requires a lot of tattooing skills.

Firstly, as it is meant for high-end and portable rotary tattoo machines, it makes sense to use it for both lining and shading. Plus, the PU4 machine also boasts exceptional build quality and a wide range of automated functionalities to go with the same.

Not just that, this is the best tattoo power supply you can invest in if you are really seeking portability. What works best for this device is the latched operational mode followed by the momentary support, allowing you to use the same regardless of the usage patterns.

Although this is a highly capable unit, we would recommend using the same with low-frequency tattoo machines, like the Cheyenne Sol. The versatile operational modes come in handy for tattoo pens and you can use the same across a wide voltage range i.e. between 4.7V and 12.5V.

This feature covers the same for both lining and shading. Plus, there is a dedicated stopwatch to monitor every tattooing session. However, our only gripe is that the compact machine doesn’t come with a foot pedal and you need to purchase one separately for making the best use of the dual operational modes.

Overall, if you are in the market for an uncomplicated supply unit that doesn’t go overboard with the attributes, the Cheyenne compact machine is the way to go as the most reliable tattoo power supply kit.

  • Standard output
  • Zero fluctuations
  • Overload protection
  • More like a pocket-friendly power supply box
  • Lacks a dedicated foot pedal

7. Hildbrandt Tattoo power supply – Best Output Range

Hildbrandt Tattoo power supply


  • Six memory settings
  • Pairs the Session Currency Meter
  • The maximum output voltage of 18V
  • Comes with a dedicated touch panel
  • Can manage two tattoo machines at once


The Hildbrandt tattoo power supply works perfectly with rotary and coil machines. If you are an experienced artist, this unit allows you to pair two machines at once. Plus, the high input voltage range allows you to use the same for lining, shading, and color packing.

As far as the machine-specific specs are concerned, the Hildbrandt tattoo machine comes equipped with an interactive touch panel. Also, there is a dedicated screen protector for keeping physical damage to a minimum.

This tattoo supply machine is best known for its non-volatile and sustainable memory presets. This way, you can use the same for remembering the last presets and tattoo machine modes, even after unplugging the same.

Lastly, there are 6 memory preset modes to work with, allowing you to pair the power module with diverse tattoo machines, sans performance issues. Not just that, the intuitive display readout also showcases important insights like the running time, duty cycle, and overall machine speed.

  • Widest possible voltage range
  • Immune to some power fluctuations
  • The touch screen panel is interactive
  • Handles dual tattoo machine with ease
  • Price is on the higher side
  • Voltage presets might be overwhelming for new users managing rotary machines

8. Dragon Art power supply – Most Premium

Best Tattoo power supply


  • The maximum output of 18V
  • Adjustable output for some rotary machines
  • Features an ultra-slim and efficient foot pedal


The Dragon Air tattoo power supply is an accurate unit that is even easy to read. Plus, you can easily pair the same with any tattoo machine of choice, courtesy of the extensive voltage range.

As tattoo machines thrive on accuracy, this unit comes forth as a highly dependable tattooing ally, allowing some artists to work with dedicated memory modes. Not just that, with a maximum voltage limit of 18 v you can pair a high-end shader with the same.

As far as inclusive accessories are concerned, the Dragon Air tattoo power supply includes two clip cords followed by a foot pedal that supports seamless voltage control. Overall, this is one pricey supply unit that doesn’t let its guard down when structural brilliance is concerned. Instead, it flaunts a metallic chassis and allows you to work with almost every tattoo machine there is, guaranteeing the highest possible performance levels.

  • Intuitive foot pedal
  • Perfect for demanding shaders
  • Compatible with most tattoo machines
  • Unique aesthetics courtesy of metallic construction
  • Pricey
  • On the heavier side

9. Aurora II Tattoo power supply – Best for plugging in two tattoo machines

Aurora II Tattoo power supply


  • LED display
  • Aluminum housing
  • Mono jack power input
  • Comes with dual pedal modes


The Aurora II power supply comes with a dedicated magnet and integrated suction cups, which are best suited for keeping the tattoo machines working at their peak performance. This is one of the few power supply machines to feature anti-slip support, precisely to help you operate a liner or shader machine sans stutters or lags.

Plus, the switch-mode functionality ensures uniform voltage outputs, which can be a handy resource for diverse tattooing processes. Also, there are dual foot pedal user modes to rely on, provided you seek some momentary power for penetrating through the harder surfaces.

As far as the structural support is concerned, this tattoo machine comes equipped with an LED panel with illumination control and an anodized aluminum-clad chassis. Plus, this machine also incorporates silicone grips for facilitating better tattoo machine arrangement.

  • Aesthetic build quality
  • Foot pedal presets for accentuated hit
  • Supports seamless adjustment of voltage
  • Supports incremental voltage adjustments
  • Not the most price justifiable option in the market

10. Mast UI – Best Wireless Machine

Mast UI- Best tattoo Power supply


  • Integrated Li-Ion Battery pack
  • Supports tattooing for up to 6 hours
  • The maximum output voltage of 18V
  • Compatible with standard rotary tattoo machines


The Mast UI is a wireless, digital power supply, best known for its adjustable presets and compatibility with diverse shading and lining modes. Plus, if you are seeking accurate voltage and power adjustment, this tattoo machine is one of the best bets to invest in.

As far as styling is concerned, this model looks exquisite and appeals readily to an aesthetic lover. Also, this trendy unit allows you to run any given machine for at least 6 hours in a single go.

Other relevant specs associated with this supply unit include the ability to pair multiple rotary tattoo machines and the availability of a dedicated charging cable. Also, the minimum and maximum voltage levels of 3V and 18V, allow you to use the same for a wide range of shading and lining processes.

  • Good-looking supply unit
  • Wireless unit for easier management
  • Accurate voltage modulations are supported
  • Not meant for power users
  • Initial usage can be underwhelming

Buying Guide – Tattoo Power Supply

Here are the important factors that you need to look at before zeroing in on the power supplies of choice:


Before purchasing a digital power supply, you should check for the maximum power or rather the voltage range. A decent indicative range is to opt for a power supply that can feature 6 amps of current modulation followed by a maximum voltage output of 20 volts. These ratings allow you to manage most tattoo machines as 18V is the usual operating range for any given shader unit.

You can also look for tattoo power supplies with rotary control, so as to make voltage and power adjustment easier. 


Before you end up purchasing a random digital power supply, check for the connector compatibility for the tattoo machines at your disposal. It is advisable to opt for the best tattoo power supplies with integrated RCA connectors as these modules are mostly in sync with almost every rotary and coil tattoo machine in the market.


You can either invest in a tattoo power supply with a digital meter or one with an analog meter. However, the final selection depends on your personal preferences, experience levels, and the price you are willing to pay.

That said, the best tattoo power supplies with digital meters are easier to read and trounce the analog ones in terms of accuracy. Analog tattoo power supplies are cheaper and mostly meant for highly experienced artists.


The rule of thumb is to persist with tattoo power supplies that are priced north of 50 dollars. While pricing isn’t directly related to product quality, the premium models often come loaded with accessories and better warranties.


What is the best tattoo power supply?

The best tattoo power supply is the one that offers an extensive voltage range, thereby allowing you to pair two tattoo machines at once and use liners and shaders with comparable ease.

How important is Power Supply for tattooing?

Power supply plays a pivotal role in any tattoo-making process. As tattoo artists need a constant power supply to modulate the penetrating and reputing power of the needle, it is the power supply that can help them manage the hit and the capabilities of the machine, as per the envisioned design.

How to choose a high-quality tattoo power supply?

If you are planning to purchase a new tattoo power supply, it is advisable to cross-reference the same with the concerned tattoo machine. This way, you can select the one with the best voltage range. Selecting the best tattoo power supplies also concerns cable compatibility, the nature of the display, and foot pedal compatibility!

Also, it is best advised to purchase a power supply that is compatible with most machines and even allows you to be more scalable with tattooing i.e. by allowing you to pair two machines at once.

How do tattoo power supplies work?

Every tattoo machine has electrical components that are driven either by battery power or an external power source. In case you want to select the one that pairs with a power supply, it is necessary to compare the voltage rating of the machine with the voltage range of the power supply before proceeding.

Once the right supply is identified, you need to connect the same to the machine. The foot pedal connected to the power supply allows you to modulate the voltage as per the design, hit, and tattoo style.

Top Rated Tattoo Power Supply

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Overall, each tattoo machine power supply unit is loaded with innovative and market-moving features. Therefore, if you are looking for the best tattoo power supply, you can pick up any device from the wide range of tattoo power supplies that are only bested by the featured technologies.

However, if you are confused regarding the tattoo power supplies, our team recommends the BRONC power supply, courtesy of the holistic skill sets and multi-mode compatibility.


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