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Top 10 Best Antibacterial Tattoo Soaps To Use In 2024

Congratulations on getting your new tattoo done. Although the painful part is over, tattooed skin requires special care, especially in the beginning. Proper tattoo aftercare requires the individual to avoid any ingredient that might cause skin irritation.

Best Antibacterial Tattoo Soaps — Quick Summary

There are different kinds of antibacterial tattoo soaps. Using the best fit for your skin is essential to achieving your goals. In case of larger wounds or sensitive skin, you should purchase an antibacterial soap, enhanced with minerals. While dry skin is best treated with tattoo soaps, that contain aloe vera essence. 

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The best antibacterial tattoo soaps are hard to find if you don’t know what to look for. Simply using a body wash on your new tattoo can sometimes irritate it. There are special antibacterial soaps for tattoos that contain ingredients like coconut oil and camel milk powder to promote tattoo healing on a fresh tattoo.

In order to speed up the tattoo healing process, using the best tattoo soaps is the simplest thing you could do. A good thing to do is to consult with your tattoo artist before purchasing antibacterial soaps.

Things to Know Before Purchasing Antibacterial Soap For Tattoos

One thing is certain. It is very likely that each tattoo artist you go to prefers a different tattoo soap. The best thing to do is to purchase professional fragrance-free tattoo soaps. The reason for that is that they have fewer ingredients, thus there is a lesser chance of ingredients causing inflammation on your tattoo skin while you’re trying to keep the skin clean.

When Should You Wash Your New Tattoo With Tattoo Soap?

It is a general practice known among tattooists to wash your new tattoo at least 2 to 3 times a day. This greatly depends on how irritated the skin is. Have in mind that the more times you wash the skin, the more it dries.

Hence, if you have dry skin, avoid washing more than 2 times a day with or without antibacterial tattoo soap. 

You can also use regenerative balm. It allows some individuals to speed up the healing process of their dead skin cells. Always use tattoo soaps on the skin. Instead of regenerative balm, you can also use pure vegetable oils, olive oil, or coconut oil to soothe the skin and keep it moisturized.

How to Clean Your New Tattoo to Soothe Sensitive Skin?

If you want your new tattoo to last long and be perfectly preserved with time, you would need to clean it properly. In order to do so, you can’t simply use any kind of body wash. You need a special tattoo soap that will keep your dry skin hydrated and prevent dead skin cells from spreading. 

So here’s a quick tattoo aftercare guide for you to follow, when cleaning your new tattoo.

  • To begin, first wash your hands thoroughly, preferably with warm water.
  • Use warm instead of too hot water to wash your tattoo.
  • Use an antibacterial tattoo soap on your hands and gently rub the irritated skin.
  • Rinse your hands.
  • Rinse the tattoo.
  • Dry the tattoo with soft tissue, towel, or cloth. (Don’t share that towel with anyone and keep it to yourself). You can also pat the tattoo with paper.
  • After you’ve done so you would need to enhance the natural moisture of the area, especially if you have very sensitive skin. To do so, use tattoo soaps with aloe vera, pure vegetable oils, or olive oil.

Before you purchase a specific tattoo soap, if you are feeling unwell, or having difficulties, make sure to seek medical or professional advice. We recommend using products with organic ingredients, free of parabens and harmful chemicals.

10 Best Antibacterial Tattoo Soaps [Experts’ Choice]

1. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Unscented Baby Soap

Best Tattoo Antibacterial Soap

Freshly tattooed skin should be treated like baby skin. And is there a better product for that than a baby liquid soap? This product is highly concentrated and should be diluted in water before use. The great thing about this is that you’re gonna have it for a while and can use it for multiple purposes, unlike many of the other products on this list.

You can save the Baby soap for later, in case you’re going to have a second tattoo. It is made from all-natural ingredients containing aloe barbadensis leaf juice, vegan organic ingredients, and contains no synthetic preservatives, foaming agents, artificial thickeners, or anything that might cause irritation on your sensitive skin.

Make sure to dilute it properly in order to get the rich lather to use and cleanse your skin. This beats most antibacterial soaps for tattoos because it contains nothing that might make things go wrong. 

The coconut, jojoba, hemp, and olive oil inside this baby soap make sure your skin won’t dry out, even if you clean it more than a couple of times per day.

  • Great for sensitive skin.
  • Completely fragrance-free.
  • Is among the best antibacterial soaps for all-around use.
  • Beats most soaps for tattoos in terms of never irritating a wound.
  • Contains only organic and vegan ingredients, unlike many soaps.
  • Perfect for mild cleansing, since it was initially developed for babies.
  • Does not promote healing like some of the salves on the list, and should be used with a tattoo lotion or salve.

2. Billy Jealousy Tattoo Wash, Tattoo Lotion, & Tattoo Salve Kit

Best Antibacterial Soap for Tattoos

With a cucumber extract, papaya, rosemary, and oat protein, Billy Jealousy’s Tattoo Wash makes a mixture that greatly enhances your tattoo’s color and vibrancy while also nourishing your skin and promoting healing near your dead cells. It is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory unscented soap.

The Lotion has a mild touch and a very light rosemary scent, making it great for old and brand-new tattoos. It comes in a friendly size, making it a good travel-friendly package. 

The Tattoo Salve is enhanced with vitamin E, shea butter, and castor seed oil, making it a smooth gel with amazing antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory purposes that helps keep new tattoos properly hydrated, reduces redness, and most importantly keeps the tattooed area completely free from infection.

Moreover, it enhances the appearance of fading or old tattoos by bringing back some color and vibrance while cleansing the skin. 

  • All natural ingredients.
  • Can be used for cleansing both new and old tattoos.
  • Comes in a bundle with a wash, a salve, and a lotion.
  • A bit costly.
  • Doesn’t absorb as well as other products do, can leave your skin greasy

3. Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap 

Best Tattoo Antibacterial Soap

This is a great product to treat your brand-new tattoo with. The advanced new formula of Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap is both antibacterial and antimicrobial while maintaining a balanced pH to soothe your skin and avoid irritation.

The PCMX-L Micro Molecular Formula was specifically designed to serve as a gentle cleanser for your skin.

This is a great product that helps you prevent any bacterial infections. For proper use, rub the brand-new tattoo gently and rinse with warm water. The packaging makes it easy to avoid spilling excess soap.

  • Dries oily skin to a normal pH.
  • Can be used on tattoo-free irritated skin.
  • Can be purchased in a bundle with lotion and balm.
  • Contains a formula, designed to prevent bacterial infection.
  • This Liquid soap is very easy to use in the shower without wasting product.
  • Not the best packaging.
  • Some reviewers report the smell to be too strong.

4. Essential Values Green Soap

Tattoo Antibacterial Soap

Finding the best antibacterial soap is hard, but Essential Values Green Soap comes close. It is unarguably one of the best antibacterial tattoo soap choices you can make for several reasons.

It is completely free from any harsh chemicals. Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee program. The only large downside to it is that it contains alcohol, and you must properly dilute it to have a good soothing effect. Although it might burn your skin occasionally, it undoubtedly does its job as one of the best antibacterial soap choices.

  • All natural ingredients.
  • Can be used as a shampoo.
  • Free from any harsh chemicals.
  • 60-days money-back guarantee program.
  • Has alcohol (Can make skin burn).
  • Some reviewers share that it was already too diluted in the bottle.

5. Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap

Provon Antimicrobial Lotion Soap for Tattoos

Provon’s Antibacterial Soap wasn’t specifically designed as a tattoo soap but can do the job if your skin isn’t too irritated or bleeding. It is also a very good choice to keep your skin clean after you’ve finished caring about your tattoo in the initial few weeks.

It has the great effect of reducing oily skin to normal pH. Be advised, not to use this product if you find your tattoo overly irritated, as it is not specifically designed for its care. On the other hand, use it post-treating your sensitive skin.

This liquid soap is a great secondary product to grab along with a tattoo soap so that when your first choice is out of stock, you can continue cleaning the skin properly. 

  • Can be used for hand wash, disinfection, and even showering.
  • A very good choice to pick for tattoo aftercare alongside one of the best tattoo soaps that we mention in this article.
  • Shouldn’t be used to treat new tattoos.
  • Can be used simultaneously with many tattoo soaps.
  • Was not designed as a tattoo antibacterial or deep cleansing soap.
  • An ordinary liquid soap that rarely causes inflammation or irritation.

6. H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap

Antibacterial Soap for Tattoos

Wondering whether to take Green Soap or Blue Soap? The Blue-Green foam soap of H2Ocean is a mixture of both that is a no-rinse foam. This amazing product is enriched with organic red sea salt and contains aloe extracts to increase healing and moisturize sensitive skin.

The H2Ocean Blue-Green foam greatly reduces irritation and is hands down one of the best antibacterial soaps, made in the USA.

  • Soothes itchy skin.
  • No scent (Odorless).
  • Great antibacterial properties.
  • One of the most preferred ways worldwide to treat new tattoos.
  • An option that allows mild cleansing since you don’t have to rinse.
  • It isn’t really soap (It’s a no-rinse foam).
  • Some reviewers report the pump of the bottle breaking.

7. One Tattoo World Blue Soap

Best Tattoo Antibacterial Soap

This highly concentrated soap 16.9oz packaging is an alternative soap to Green Soap. To properly use it, make sure to dilute it with at least 10 times water. 

It comes with a cooling effect and a citrus smell that makes you feel calm. On the other hand, it doesn’t wipe the ink as well as the green soap but still does the job. 

  • Can be used at home.
  • It has a citrus smell to it.
  • A very good choice for tattoo shops.
  • Comes with a cool soothing feeling.
  • Can make up to a gallon and a half of soap when diluted.
  • Less likely to cause allergy to sensitive skin if your concentration is off (Compared to Green Soap).
  • Some people say Green Soap smells better.
  • Contains artificial ingredients and artificial fragrances

8. Tattoo Goo Tattoo Care Kit

Antibacterial soap, Tattoo care lotion, and tattoo balm all in one. This is the perfect combination to keep your skin smooth and hydrated with natural ingredients.

Best Tattoo Antibacterial Soap

The key selling point of this Tattoo Goo is that it keeps your tattoo look vibrant and glowing while increasing the healing speed of your irritated skin and dead skin cells.

The bundle comes with an antimicrobial soap that soothes irritation and is free from harsh chemicals. Many dermatologists have recommended Tattoo Goo’s products in the past.

  • Enhances Color.
  • Free from petroleum.
  • Contains Panthenol (Increases healing speed).
  • Disinfects and keeps sensitive skin Moisturized at the same time.
  • Contains Tattoo Care Lotion, Tattoo Balm, and Antibacterial Tattoo Soap at the same time.
  • Cheap packaging.
  • The lotion in the kit isn’t enough in terms of quantity.

9. Hustle Butter Hustle Bubbles Green Soap Tattoo Wash

Hustle Butter’s products never cease to amaze.

Best Antibacterial Soap for Tattoos

Yes, this tattoo soap comes with quite a long name, but what’s cool about it is the way you can directly apply it on your skin from the bottle. No need to dilute or anything, simply press it like deodorant, and voila.

It contains Aloe vera, and Japanese Green tea, which makes it soothing and enhances skin healing. This is undoubtedly one of the best antibacterial tattoo soaps for fast healing.

Its natural ingredients form a mixture that reduces redness by soothing the skin and killing bacteria near the tattooed area. If you ask your tattoo artist for professional advice, they are most likely going to approve this tattoo wash. 

  • No parabens, no harmful chemicals.
  • Can be used for both Tattoos and Piercings.
  • Contains Aloe Vera, and Japanese Green Tea.
  • Increases the speed of the skin healing process.
  • Completely Vegan friendly, Removes bacterial infections.
  • Isn’t odorless (Smells good, though, but might cause irritation on some people).
  • Doesn’t have any numbing properties (Other Hustle products offer skin numbing to decrease your pain and skin irritation).

10. Dragon Art Green Soap 16.9 OZ for Tattoos

Dragon Art’s choice is a good Tattoo soap if you are a tattoo artist.

Best Tattoo Antibacterial Soap

Of course, it can also be used by people who just got their new tattoo or piercings done. 

If you check the reviews on Amazon, you’ll see that many tattoo artists recommend it and have been using it for a long time. The reason this package is perfect for aspiring tattoo studios and professionals alike is the large 16.9oz size. It would be enough for 20-30 tattoos. 

Green Soap is often referred to as the Golden Standard for tattoo artists. It also comes with a squirt bottle that allows you to use it while it is sitting on a table. 

  • Comes with a dispenser.
  • Removes harmful bacteria.
  • Top-notch quality, very soothing.
  • Trusted by professionals all over the world.
  • Very concentrated, can be diluted for more uses.
  • Some confusing typos on the label.
  • Needs to be diluted with each use.
  • If your concentration diluting is off, you might get irritated skin.
  • A pretty large packaging, if you are planning to use it for only one tattoo, might be a waste.

Top Rated Antibacterial Soaps for Tattoos

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The Bottom Line

Choosing the best tattoo soap is not an easy task. There are fragrance-free gels, tattoo goo’s amazing products, and there are even some bar soaps that could get the job done. The most important thing is to individually assess the situation for yourself.

What is the priority for your skin? To keep it moisturized, or to prevent infection? A good soap for tattoos has to do it all. 

The best tattoo soap for you is the one that doesn’t irritate your skin and enhances healing if you need it. So take another look at our list, and choose what suits you. Still, if you are unsure about the best antibacterial soap for tattoos then go for Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Unscented Baby Soap without any second thought.


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