TattooLous is a virtual heaven for tattoo artists, connoisseurs, designers, and even tattoo enthusiasts. Our team of tattoo artists, stencil designers, and machine reviewers has started this initiative to make tattooing fun and more productive for both professionals and customers alike.

Unlike other websites that aim at projecting tattoo accessories, machines, and other resources with a financial bend of mind, we believe in helping out our fellow artists by assisting them to pick the right set of tools for the job. 

At TattooLous, we focus on explaining the efficacy, technology, and benefits of each product, specifically for assisting individuals to take up tattoo making as a career option. 

We understand that in the US itself; close to 32000 individuals have taken up tattoo making as their career of choice. With tattoo making rapidly evolving into a global fad with the US being one of the torch-bearers of this renaissance, these artists require the requisite tools and insights to whet their professional skills, beyond compare.

TattooLous aims at helping these artists get the required information regarding tattoo machines, working principles, tattoo creams, needles, stencils, ink choices, kits, aftercare products, and anything and everything that might help them prosper.

Our team of selfless, driven, and gifted individuals aim at bringing the best insights from the industry; thereby allowing artists to stay one step ahead of changing preferences, aspirations, and trends. However, our excerpts and expositions aren’t restricted to tattoo artists.

Instead, tattoo enthusiasts who want to get inked can also follow our website closely to understand the steps and resources, tattoo artists use to create something as exceptional as a tattoo. 

At TattooLous, we strive for excellence, trust, and credibility.