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10 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines That You Might Want To Buy In 2024

Interested in going mobile with your tattooing styles? Consider getting a wireless tattoo machine at the earliest to replace your current machine with cords. But then, can wireless tattoo machines achieve similar levels of perfection to corded ones? Yes, they can, provided you choose to invest in the best wireless tattoo machines and not typical cordless tattoo machines that are subpar and unsatisfactory when design replications are concerned.

Best Wireless Tattoo Machines — Quick Summary

In a nutshell, here are our top 3 picks for the best wireless tattoo machines:

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A wireless tattoo machine cuts the cord and allows you to carry the machine sans logistical bottlenecks. Plus, if you want to set up a massive tattoo salon that even operates via on-call orders to homes and offices, wireless tattoo machines can be handy resources.

However, not every wireless tattoo gun is created with perfection and you need to choose the best resources in the market to lend credibility to your profession and brand.

Willing to take our word on the best wireless tattoo machine! Get hold of the Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited as the wireless gun of choice to replace the current machine, courtesy of the commendable stroke length and a pen-style layout. This tattoo pen machine also boasts extended running time and even allows you to continue tattooing while charging.

Plus, there are two operational modes to work with, allowing the artist in you to manage the hit and speed of the rotary tattoo machine.  In totality, the Sol Nova Unlimited is the most complete wireless tattoo machine that you can purchase without burning a hole in the pocket.

Now that the best wireless rotary pen is out of the way, we shall skim through some of the other available tattoo guns in the market that can be operated wirelessly. However, before purchasing one, you should take a closer look at the frequency bandwidth, weight, stroke length, and the budget.

Best Wireless Tattoo Machines [Expert’s Choice]

In the subsequent sections, we shall enlist 10 of the best wireless tattoo machines or rather cordless tattoo machines that you can purchase, depending on the budget, portability, and power. However, as a part of this discussion we shall also touch upon other parameters that can influence your choice of wireless tattoo machines:

1. Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited – Best Overall Wireless Tattoo Machine

Best Wireless Tattoo Machine


  • Weighs 152 grams
  • 3.5mm stroke length
  • Dual operating modes
  • Allows you to adjust the speed


There are many reasons why the Sol Nova Unlimited features atop the list of the best wireless tattoo machines. However, I would like to point out the durability, more than anything else.

The Sol Nova Unlimited takes the concept of rotary pens to the next level by offering two operational modes to work with. Plus, the cordless machine doesn’t restrict you in terms of working length.

As the best wireless tattoo machine on the list, the Sol Nova offers the best low-voltage response, thereby allowing you to use the same for the lining. Besides, there are two operating modes associated with this cordless tattoo machine, which include the famed responsive mode and the much-important noise-free option.

When it comes to usage, the wireless tattoo machine allows the artist in you to modulate the needle hit and stroke length depending on the design. Plus, this is one of the few cordless tattoo machines featuring a rechargeable battery and fast charging support.

The ergonomic design stands out and even incorporates the elusive magnetron switch for better control. This magnetic feature lends a touch of seamlessness to the process by offering control over the motor and starting the same, whenever you pick the pen up.

Overall, this wireless rotary tattoo machine is easily one of the better bets and can easily pair up with a wireless foot switch, clip cords, and other accessories, if and when required.

  • Durable build quality
  • Noise-free operation
  • Ergonomic layout
  • Supports needle depth adjustment
  • Running time restricted to 5 hours
  • Shading performances can be slightly underwhelming

2. Spektra Flux – Best for a Beginner

Spektra Flux Wireless Tattoo Machine (Stealth)


  • 4mm stroke
  • Bluetooth capable
  • Responsive LED display
  • Membrane needles-compatible


If you are in the market for the best wireless tattoo machine in terms of battery backup and LED display, there aren’t many better options compared to the Spektra Flux. Before we delve into the details, the excellent range of up to 12V impressed us the most.

Plus, there is a rechargeable battery unit in place followed by the ability to get juiced up in almost no time. Also, the Spektra Flux offers excellent power-path management, which allows you to operate the machine depending on the design and skill levels.

There is also an LED indicator in play followed by a dedicated Type-C port for charging the device via a wired RCA connection.

Coming to the aesthetics and portability quotient, the Spektra Flux flaunts aircraft-grade aluminum followed by the inclusion of the PowerBolt battery. This feature allows you to run the wireless tattoo machine for over 10 hours.

Not just that, this direct-drive machine doesn’t offer any give and features 4mm in terms of stroke capping. Therefore, you can use the same with minimal vibration, and that too for shading, color packing, and lining, even if you are a beginner.

  • Can work without a clip cord
  • Interchangeable battery is supported
  • PowerBolt battery comes with three dedicated buttons
  • Bluetooth-enabled for connecting the foot switch, power supply, and the app, wirelessly
  • Pricey
  • Doesn’t come as a tattoo kit
  • Requires a wireless tattoo power supply

3. Mast Tour Tattoo Machine – Best for Color Packing

Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine With Mast Wireless Tattoo Battery Power Kit Supply


  • The starting voltage limit is 4V
  • Features a coreless motor
  • Supports optional RCA connection
  • Perfect for shading and color packing


The Mast Tour Tattoo Machine is one of the best wireless modules that you can consider for color packing. For starters, this is the best wireless tattoo machine for a tattoo artist interested in dual operations. This means, in addition to wireless usage, you can pair the same with an RCA power cord, if and when necessary.

As far as portability is concerned, the 25mm tattoo grip allows you to use the machine in diverse scenarios. Also, there is a dedicated coreless motor in play, which is more than capable of lasting for up to 3,000 hours.

Also, this is one of the lightest machines in play that operates without a grip tape. Not just that, the Mast Tour Tattoo Machine comes forth as a wireless tattoo machine kit, with the wireless battery bundled with the same.

  • Easy to grip
  • A complete kit that includes the battery pack
  • Can work with native wireless power supplies with adjustable voltage
  • Japanese coreless motor is powerful enough for shading and color packing
  • Only 3 hours of battery life
  • Structure appears flimsy to some experienced artists

4. Mast Saber – Best Battery Backup

Best Wireless Tattoo Machine


  • 3.5mm stroke
  • Grips included
  • Massive battery
  • LED screen for better tracking


The Mast Saber is a wireless tattoo machine whose battery can last up to 8 hours in one go. However, you only need to refill the same for up to 2 hours, to achieve the same. While there are several good things about this tattoo machine, it is the 2000mAh battery pack that stands out.

However, even if the battery life runs out, you can operate the same while being plugged in. The zero-downtime issue is complemented by the LED screen, which supports calibration.

Plus, the stainless steel chassis ensures lightness of firmness and even makes way for the EN 50- 51 series needles. When it comes to needle compatibility, needles other than the ones mentioned are also supported.

Lastly, this wireless tattoo machine supports voltage adjustment and needle hit modulation, whilst making complete use of the USB charging cord.

  • Light Weight
  • Easy to operate
  • Vibrant LED panel
  • Minimal battery refill time
  • Needle protrusion can also be changed
  • Pairs perfectly with the mast wireless battery
  • Not meant for color packing
  • The upper voltage limit is restricted to 10v

5. InkJecta Flite X1 – Best for Experts

InkJecta Flite X1 Wireless Tattoo Machine


  • Powerful motor
  • Minimal vibration
  • Multiple voltage outputs
  • Supports two battery setup
  • Automatic needle adjustment


Wireless tattoo machines that offer a wide range of customizations are rare. However, if you can purchase the InkJecta Flite X1, there aren’t many feats that you cannot achieve as a tattoo artist.

As mentioned, the InkJecta Flite X1 is completely Wireless and doesn’t require you to pair cables and unnecessary clutter. Plus, the interchangeable, rechargeable battery is a blessing in disguise that allows almost 8 hours of backup, despite extended usage.

A good thing about this wireless tattoo machine is its ability to adjust needle depth and voltage, depending on the type of design and the amount of hit. What steals the show is the intuitive interface, bested only by the maneuverable controls.

Plus, this best wireless tattoo machine works with multiple wireless power supply units, provided they are capable of reaching a maximum voltage capping of up to 16.5V. Besides, there are two nanotechnology motors in play, which allow you to adjust the needle depth and drive power, as per preferences.

Overall, if you are ready to make peace with the 6-hour battery life and the durable aluminum frame, the InkJecta Flite X1 comes forth as one of the best wireless tattoo machines to invest in.

  • Durable
  • Zero vibration
  • Extremely powerful motor
  • Compatible with multiple needles
  • One of the best rotary tattoo machines for color packing
  • USB cable is unresponsive at times
  • Battery capacity could have been better

6. Solong Wireless Kit – Best Aesthetics

Solong Wireless Tattoo Machine


  • Aluminum-clad
  • Speed adjustments are allowed
  • Compatible with a wireless tattoo power supply
  • Comes equipped with a battery pack comprising two units


A reliable wireless tattoo machine that comes as a part of a tattoo kit offers the best value for money. This is where the Solong wireless tattoo machine kit qualifies as the best possible option, courtesy of the power source compatibility, adjustable voltage, two batteries, pen base, black adapter, battery charger, and cable.

As far as the functionality is concerned, this wireless tattoo machine offers 9 different voltage settings. Plus, the Japanese coreless motor adds to the stability and voltage output of this tattoo machine and adds to the noise-free usage.

However, we were most impressed by the top-shelf aesthetics, featuring aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Not to mention the minimal heft as the Solong wireless tattoo machine weighs a paltry 45g. Not just that, there is a dedicated magnetic feature adhering to the pen base, which lends automatic control to the machine.

Also, the excellent voltage system readily tests the battery life as the Solong cordless machine includes battery packs calibrated to last for up to 3 hours, depending on usage. The battery charge, however, takes only 1 hour to refill.

  • Perfect liner
  • Plug-in functionality
  • Come with surge protection
  • Offers a dedicated standby mode
  • The machine stops when the voltage rating is under 6V
  • Not suitable for color packing
  • Battery capacity could have been better

7. Stigma Tattoo Kit – Best in terms of Voltage Output

Stigma Tattoo Kit


  • Five voltage presets
  • Compatible with battery packs
  • Packed with 20 sterilized needle cartridges
  • Compatible with clip cord and RCA connector


The stigma wireless tattoo machine or the EM125 is one of the best units on the market, featuring a Japanese motor and an aluminum-clad chassis. There are two batteries in play, which focus specifically on higher capacity and extended usage.

As a rotary tattoo pen or rotary machine, the EM125 can readily work with 20-needle cartridges. Also, the light and portable wireless tattoo machine comes equipped with a dedicated hand strap and an advanced grip, thereby measuring better physical control over the tattoo machine.

Overall, if you want to purchase a wireless tattoo machine with bundled cartridge needles, the Stigma rotary tattoo machine is the best option to consider. Most importantly, the maximum voltage output of 12V is something that draws a lot of credibility for this wireless machine.

  • Durable machine body
  • One-touch power button
  • Advanced gear setup
  • Works with a wireless foot pedal
  • Supports all-inclusive cordless technology
  • Compatible with multiple power supply units
  • Only a one-year device warranty is available
  • The tattoo machine isn’t completely vibration-free

8. Hawink Rotary Machine – Best with Faulhaber Motor

Hawink Rotary Wireless tattoo Machine


  • Stable performance
  • Low operating noise
  • Faulhaber motor system
  • Credible name in the tattoo industry


The Hawink rotary tattoo machine is one such wireless machine that excels when ergonomics, aesthetics, and portability are concerned. While this device features a wide range of credible attributes, it is the Faulhaber motor that comes forth as the best possible resource.

This motor offers excellent control over the tattoo designs and styles, whilst allowing you to operate the device across several voltages. Also, the low operating noise is certainly worth investing in.

Lastly, this is one of the more stable tattoo machines on the list, which hardly vibrates despite being used for a longer period.

  • Looks like a standard tattoo pen
  • Maximum operating voltage of 11v
  • Shaft rotation and torque control are some of the best attributes
  • Best wireless tattoo machine when the Faulhaber motor is concerned
  • One of the most compact wireless tattoo machines in the tattoo industry
  • Prone to mechanical wear
  • Motor overheats a bit when the machine is consistently used at higher voltages

9. Hawink Pen Style Machine – Best in terms of Noise Cancellation

Hawink Pen Style Wireless Tattoo Machine


  • Low noise
  • No overheating
  • Powerful motor
  • Calibrated machine


This wireless tattoo machine from Hawink is slightly better than the one mentioned before when it comes to experiencing immunity against mechanical wear.

For starters, this tattoo machine features two dedicated battery packs of power bolts. If you are a tattoo artist, you can use these bolts interchangeably to continue tattooing even when one battery unit runs out of juice.

Coming to the technical, this tattoo machine has the shortest tattooing drive, which automatically translates into lower vibration and better effects. The 3.5 stroke is a reliable inclusion that helps you manage multiple lining and shading tasks with precision.

Plus, there are two 900mAh power bolts to rely on, as mentioned previously. However, if you are interested in numbers, each bolt lasts for up to 9 hours and can be refilled in less than 2 hours.

Overall, this is one resilient tattoo kit that doesn’t support cord connection in any given capacity, especially when wired usage is concerned. However, you can always rely on the Type-C port for charging each of the two power bolts.

  • Multiple board controls
  • Sourced from Germany
  • Fast charging support
  • Bundled as a tattoo kit
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • Pricey
  • Maximum voltage is restricted to 11V

10.  Equaliser Proton MX – Best in terms of Needle Compatibility

Best Wireless Tattoo Machine


  • Coreless motor
  • Doesn’t heat up
  • Sterilized needle compatibility
  • A maximum operational voltage of 9V


The Equaliser rotary wireless tattoo gun is one of the more premium options to invest in. While we shall talk about the feature sets at length, it is the stainless steel cartridge needles that steal the show, courtesy of the ethylene oxide coating and exceptional packaging.

This pen comes with a decent enough grip and can be operated even without the tape. Plus, this is not just a machine but a full-fledged tattoo kit that is also known for its penetrating power.

Lastly, the voltage range for the Proton MX can go up to 11V but we would recommend using the same in the 7V to 9V range. Plus, the 3.5mm stroke is a handy lining inclusion whereas the aluminum chassis ensures exceptional durability.

  • Japanese motor
  • Weighs 130 grams
  • Available in different colors
  • Compatible with a wide range of tattoo needles
  • Advanced gear setup for noise-free performance
  • Pricey
  • Restricted voltage range

Best Wireless Tattoo Machine – Buying Guide

If you are interested in purchasing the best wireless tattoo machine, it is important to be mindful of certain targeted factors, which include:

1. Battery Backup

If you are interested in a sustainable wireless tattoo machine, you should keep a close eye on the battery backup. As a rule of thumb, you should look for a ballpark of 5 to 7 hours, before zeroing in on a wireless tattoo machine.

2. Supported Tattooing Styles

The type of design you are good at as a tattoo artist should define your selection when it comes to purchasing a wireless tattoo machine. Most professional tattoo artists prefer wireless models that are good for lining and shading. However, it is necessary to find a compatible needle for the concerned rotary tattoo machine, or the rotary pen for that matter. 

3. Weight

If you are willing to invest in the best wireless tattoo machines, we would expect you to persist with machines that are light and portable. Wireless models preferred by tattoo artists rarely exceed the 170g mark, provided there is a native wireless power supply to rely on. 

4. Design

The design of the wireless machine of choice also comes forth as an important factor. We prefer investing in a tattoo pen as opposed to some of the bigger units. Also, if the design is a matter of concern, you should keep a close eye on the battery pack and how the same can be accommodated with the wireless tattoo machine.

In certain cases, you also need to concentrate on the availability of an LCD screen to ensure seamless calibration. The LCD screen or rather an LCD is a bit brighter than the standard LED panels and allows you to operate the best tattoo machines even in the open. 

5. Noise

If you are a professional with a tattoo parlor to boast, it is advisable to invest in a wireless tattoo machine that makes minimal noise. To achieve the same, it is advisable to invest in wireless tattoo machines with a Japanese coreless motor or Faulhaber motor.

6. Warranty

If you are concerned about the quality, we would suggest getting a brand machine that either offers a year warranty on the wireless tattoo kit or a money-back promise. 


What is a wireless tattoo machine?

A wireless tattoo machine is more of a cordless rotary pen that doesn’t require RCA connectors and wired power supply units. Therefore, you can move around with them, provided offering permanent makeup or tattooing expertise is one of your priorities.

When do you need a wireless tattoo machine?

Wireless tattoo guns can be useful if as an artist you prefer moving around the salon and covering a larger area at once. Also, most wireless models come with a wireless battery pack and other wireless feature sets that allow unhindered usage, portability, and extended usage.

Which is the best wireless tattoo machine?

Based on the wireless tattoo machine reviews and expert analysis, the Sol Nova Unlimited from Cheyenne is the perfect wireless rotary pen to invest in. In addition to being a portable machine, the Sol Nova Unlimited is also known for its extended battery life.

Is Dragonhawk a good wireless rotary pen brand?

Yes, Dragonhawk is one brand that makes exceptional wireless tattoo guns. However, pricing can be an issue if you are looking for an affordable wireless tattoo machine. 

Which is the best tattoo machine on the market?

The best tattoo machine on the market is one that can function either in wireless mode or even via an RCA connection. Also, you need to emphasize a portable form factor before proceeding.

How to choose a wireless tattoo machine?

If you are interested in purchasing a wireless tattoo machine, it is necessary to choose carefully and emphasize more on the battery life, machine design, and even wired compatibility, in case the battery pack starts underperforming.

What are the considerations when buying a wireless tattoo machine?

When it comes to buying a wireless tattoo machine, you should first focus on the voltage range, needle stroke, magnetic feature, and the concerning styles. Not just that, needle compatibility is also an important factor that you need to consider before making a decision.

Summing Up

We believe that the best wireless tattoo machine is the one that adheres to the requisite voltage range and allows you to manage multiple designs with ease. While a rechargeable battery, wireless power supplies, and compatibility with multiple tattoo needles are the common factors, a beginner can invest in complete wireless tattoo kits to make the most of the money in hand.

However, if you are still unsure about the perfect machine even after reading through the wireless tattoo machine reviews, we would recommend the Sol Nova tattoo machine gun over any other option, owing to its adherence to other tattoo needles, cordless technology, compatibility with any wireless power source, and a decent enough price point. 


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