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15 Best Rotary Tattoo Machines that can make you reconsider Career Choices

A professional or aspiring tattoo artist with the best rotary tattoo machine in hand needs to know this!

Your entire craft rests on the shoulders of the tattoo machine, provided you can prioritize technologies, resources, and alignment as per preferences. Then again, skills do matter but only if the device offers requisite freedom of expression.

Best Rotary Tattoo Machines — Quick Summary

In a hurry? Fret not, here is our quick summary of the best rotary tattoo machines

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Purchasing a good tattoo machine should not become stressful. Also, if the search patterns get your goat, you are bound to wait while other tattoo artists get a bigger piece of the meat.

Worry not, as our experts have already enlisted 10 of the best rotary tattoo machines, which might give that additional boost to your career.

But, why Rotary Tattoo Machines?

Reasons include:

  • Lighter
  • Versatility
  • Easy on fingers
  • Smaller learning curve
  • Minimal noise for select models

Let go of the Dilemma – Pick a Rotary Machine that’s Worth the Investment

You should be sitting down to read this! 

The type of tattoo machine you own often makes or breaks the brand’s presence as a tattoo artist.

Wary enough!

Then it’s the right time to pick a rotary tattoo machine that works as per your expectations. Although we expect you to know the concepts, we will still revisit the motor-based operation of a standard rotary tattoo machine, best known for its cumulative design abilities.

Trivia- Did you know, rotary tattoo machines are more reassuring to the customers as they are less noisy? This means, a client inadvertently believes that tattoos made using rotary machines will be less painful.

Best Rotary Tattoo Machines to Use in 2024

Still not convinced about taking up tattooing as a profession! Here are the best rotary tattoo machines to consider:

1. Cheyenne Hawk Spirit – Best Overall Rotary Tattoo Machine

Best Rotary Tattoo Machine


  • 5 mm stroke
  • Zero vibration
  • Multi-cartridge compatibility
  • Flaunts aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • Offers needle depth adjustment support


As a professional tattoo artist, you can pin your hopes on the Cheyenne Hawk Spirit tattoo pen. We opted for this rotary tattoo machine over others owing to the sleekness of form and its ability to perform equally well, when shading, color packing, and lining are concerned.

Besides, if you are a globetrotting professional, this rotary tattoo machine or tattoo pen is the perfect ally to carry along. Coming to the perks, the tattoo machine is easy to adjust and doesn’t ask you to invest time in fussy setups. As a plug-and-play pen machine, this pen tattoo device is a pretty nifty performer. Furthermore, this device allows you to get started in a jiffy, whilst cutting out longer waiting periods for the customers.

Coming to the usage and handling, Cheyenne rotary machines, including the Hawk Spirit, are easy on your fingers. Moreover, if you are fussy about the grip, there are two options to invest in. Comfortable handling is one of the best attributes of this rotary tattoo machine followed by compatibility with diverse needle cartridges and grip tapes.

As far as recreational usage is concerned, this rotary tattoo machine doesn’t require fancy tuning. Beginners, who are barely starting as tattoo artists, can consider investing in this tattoo pen for ease of usage. While some seasoned professionals still prefer going with a coil tattoo machine, there isn’t much the Cheyenne Hawk cannot match up to.

Another interesting facet of this rotary tattoo machine is its multi-skin compatibility. If you are still scratching your head over this, it means the ability of this device to adjust with any given skin type of locale. Therefore, as a tattoo artist, you can even tread on the bony sections of the body without causing much dermal trauma.

Overall, we were more than impressed with this rotary tattoo machine after using the same for almost 2 months. While we would recommend the same for almost any tattooing venture, it makes more sense to get this tattoo pen for gray and black-centric work.

  • Fill up sections perfectly
  • German product instills faith
  • Machine is made with zero noise promise in mind
  • Doesn’t heat up, which makes it easier to hold
  • Doesn’t require a lot of prior tattooing experience
  • Grip sterilization is slightly difficult
  • Not the best rotary tattoo machine for extensive shading and finer dots

2. Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine – Best with Faulhaber Motor 

Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine


  • Faulhaber motor
  • Powerful gear system
  • Adjustable needle depth
  • Medically-graded chassis
  • Lifetime warranty on the product


Tattoo us impressed as we wouldn’t mind placing our bets on the insanely powerful Rotary tattoo machine from Bishop. While the list started with a tattoo pen, we are back to a full-grown machine that is as good as an elite coil tattoo machine.

First things first, despite being tagged as a liner rotary tattoo machine, you can always consider the same for shading. Besides, unlike other rotary tattoo machines that rely on the elastic band for clinging onto the needle, the authentic rotary tattoo machine from Bishop pins hopes to the coreless motor. Despite adding to the rotary tattoo machine usage difficulty, the coreless motor and the Faulhaber motor ensure precise performances.

Owing to the high-end power setup, this rotary tattoo machine qualifies itself as one with excellent precision and continuous output. Coming to the design, each of the Bishop’s rotary tattoo machines is handcrafted and rendered light with the usage of medical-grade steel and aircraft-grade chassis. Besides, the hand-polished structure is also a pleasure to look at and is expected to increase the pride of your tattoo parlor.

As far as the functionality is concerned, the 3.5mm stroke makes it suitable for lining and shading. Not just that, you can also adjust the needle and stroke to make the same more conducive to shading. Then again, the Bishop rotary machine is no pushover when color packing and longish tattoo designs are concerned.

What impresses us the most is the lifetime warranty associated with this device, followed by the easy handling capabilities! Needless to say, the warranty-centric specs feel even better with the easy-to-handle concept making life easier for beginners and even experienced tattoo artists.

  • One of the better-looking machines
  • Ergonomic design and adjustable grips
  • Brushless motor ensures exceptional precision
  • The direct drive layout minimizes skin rupturing
  • Allows you to pair a wide-range of cartridge and tattoo needles
  • Costly
  • Doesn’t come equipped with tattoo ink

3. FK Irons Spektra Edge X

FK Irons Spektra Edge X


  • Supports a wider voltage range
  • Motor Bolt setup
  • Aircraft aluminum as the chassis element
  • Stroke adjustment
  • Grommetless armature


While we could go on and on singing praises for the easy-to-use drive bar, Grommetless motor, and alloyed chassis, it would be prudent enough to talk about the more intriguing and design-centric aspects of the same. Starting, the FK Irons Spektra Edge X is best known for seamless engineering, which shortens the learning curve and even allows you to get rid of additional complexities.

Keeping the minimalist layout aside, you can reap the diverse benefits of the existing 3.5mm stroke length. While this is quite a reliable metric for tattoo lining, the adjustable stroke and availability of interchangeable caps make it good enough for shading and even color packing.  Not just that, this rotary tattoo machine comes equipped with a wider operating voltage, which allows you to adjust to any given working environment.

When it comes to performance, this is one heavy-duty machine, courtesy of the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy chassis and the powerful motor that hardly makes any sound. Besides, as a professional tattoo artist, you are in better control of your designs, owing to the support for clip-on tattoo needles, bars, and dedicated stroke wheels.

Not only that, we are more than happy with the maintenance-free operational quality of this device. 

Therefore, even a beginner or even a mid-level tattoo artist can use the same whilst letting go of frequent lubrication and other requirements. Furthermore, autoclave safety is one of the more essential aspects, which allows you to sterilize the setup without having to dismantle the same.

The Spektra Edge X is best known for its structural quality and hassle-free usage. While the highlights and feature sets might look intimidating to some, they are targeted towards making life easier for the user. Ticking the fancy further is the brushless motor, which works rather perfectly with the variable stroke caps, with the lowest being set at 2.8mm. The torque, however, is pretty good and at par with professional performances.

Lastly, we also liked the noiseless operation, despite the variable voltage and relevant settings.  Therefore, if you are more into lining with perfection and that too for longer hours, the Spektra Edge X is the perfect option to invest in.

  • Zero maintenance
  • Can be sterilized without dismantling
  • Higher efficiency owing to the motor bolt system
  • Compatible with variable cartridges
  • No noise
  • Light and doesn’t lead to wrist fatigue
  • Clip-on elastic band has a tendency of falling off
  • Not the most cost-effective option

4. Dragonhawk Mast Tattoo Pen – Best Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

Dragonhawk Mast Tattoo Pen


  • The tattoo kit includes a foot pedal, needle bars, needle cartridges, power supply, and  grip tape
  • Allows you to adjust needle depth
  • Boasts an aluminum frame that is strictly aircraft-grade
  • Doesn’t vibrate a bit
  • LED indicator
  • The stroke length  can be changed from 2.8mm to 3.8mm


Firstly, we can proudly state that Dragonhawk Mask Tattoo Pen offers exceptional value for money, probably the best when pitted against competitors. However, consider getting this if you want a good starter tattoo kit as a beginner.

We feel you would dig into this tattoo gun kit, which persists with the high-performance Faulhaber motor. This means, that despite the affordable price point, the tattoo gun lives up to the highest possible precision standards. What works best for professional tattoo artists is the ability of the Dragonhawk Mask Tattoo Pen to exhibit fast needle speeds, which minimizes screen rupture and gets the job done at the earliest.

Besides, the stroke length associated with this rotary pen is adjustable to up to 3.8mm, making it the best possible option for lining and shading. Coming to the performances, the Dragonhawk Mask Tattoo Pen doesn’t vibrate a lot, making it easier for you to work for longer hours. In case you are concerned about the heat, the tattoo pen remains reassuringly cool even after three to five hours of continuous usage.

We also liked the cost-to-value ratio of the Dragonhawk Mask Tattoo Pen, as it allows you to pack in almost every important accessory to start a business. As compared to most of the brands, this rotary tattoo machine also stacks a relevant tattoo power supply that is best known for its top-notch performances. Besides, the handling is rather close to perfect whereas the quick adjustment setup is something that you can be proud of, in front of the customer.

Therefore, if you are interested in a rotary tattoo machine that is easier to maneuver, use, and deploy for entry-level tattoo designs, the Dragonhawk Mask Tattoo Pen is the perfect option.

  • An excellent motor that supports precision lines and shades
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimal skin rupture
  • Compatible with diverse power supplies
  • Supports multiple needle cartridges
  • Not an exhaustive instruction manual to follow
  • The foot pedal doesn’t well enough

5. Cheyenne Hawk Pen Style – Best Rotary Pen Machine

Best Rotary Tattoo Machine


  • Precision-centric brushless motor
  • Compatible with other hawk pen tattoo grips
  • The tattoo kit includes grip tape, ink caps, and a plunger
  • 3.5mm stroke length
  • Features the roll inhibition setup
  • Widest possible voltage range


Extrapolating our love for the Cheyenne Hawk rotary tattoo pens is this Pen tattoo machine, sleek, and light machine. While the feature sets are pretty diverse, some of the more highlighted ones include the multi-grip support and the availability of a dedicated tattoo needle plunger. Besides, as we placed the Hawk Spirit pen at the top, featuring this Pen rotary tattoo machine was more than obvious.

However, our willingness is best justified by the availability of the brushless motor and the roll inhibition module. While this machine isn’t as light as a pen, it is still quite sleek and only weighs a mere 130 grams, qualifying it as one of the more aesthetic units on the list. Furthermore, the roll inhibition layout, clubbed with sleekness, ensures zero design errors.

In case you are interested in the best feature sets, it is still the layout that hogs the limelight. This means, that unlike some of the other sizable units, the motor doesn’t cling onto the tip, which makes it easier to manage. Not just that, you also get access to the disposable grips, allowing you to cut out a few additional bucks. Besides, the grip compatibility makes the Cheyenne Hawk pen easier to sanitize.

The design speaks volumes about this rotary pen machine, allowing you to fit it as a reliable lining resource. While the precision is top-class, we would still like beginners to purchase this rotary tattoo machine to start with. Moreover, this rotary tattoo machine also works well with several tattoo ink variants but responds the best to the Cheyenne Hawk needle cartridges and Ergo Grips.

Overall, if the lightness of the form and ease of usage are your priorities, the Cheyenne Hawk Pen-style rotary tattoo machine is the best option to invest in.

  • Best for novice tattoo artists
  • Doesn’t heat up a bit
  • German-manufactured appliance
  • Versatile
  • Roll inhibition is a parlor-centric functionality
  • Grips are squeaky
  • Weight balancing might be tricky

6. Stigma Rotary Hyper V3 – Best Rotary Tattoo machine for Shading

Stigma Rotary Hyper V3


  • Alloyed frame
  • Extended voltage range
  • No noise operation
  • Excellent shading resource for grays and blacks
  • Shaft made of stainless steel
  • Supports close to 10,000 stitches in a minute
  • 5.0mm stroke length is easy to reach


The Rotary Hyper V3 tattoo machine is your best bet if shading is one of your priorities. While we wouldn’t recommend the same for coloring, the variable stroke adjustment support makes it a handy resource. Put simply, the Stigma Rotary Hyper V3 tattoo machine allows you to change the stroke length from 3.6mm to up to 6.00mm. However, you should also be mindful of the 4.5mm protrusion, which might be a bit too much for the dermis.

However, if you are a professional, it isn’t hard to manage the needle protrusion by selecting the stroke length with precision. However, the performances get a ready boost with the brushless DC tattoo machine motor in play. While it keeps noise and vibration to a minimum, it also doesn’t add a lot of heft to the concerned rotary tattoo machine.

When it comes to the design, the standout elements include the Maxon motor encapsulated within the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy chassis. This combination is probably the best one in the market at this time and strikes the perfect balance between tattooing power and ease of handling. From a recommending perspective, we would suggest experienced tattoo artists opt for this machine as the needle set can be modulated to hit the skin softly or with hardness.

This attribute makes it one of the best rotary tattoo machines if you are more into shading bone parts and hardened regions.

Also, the Stigma Rotary Hyper V3 tattoo machine is strictly a wireless entity, with a dual hookup layout. This means you can pair the same with an RCA cord and even a plugged tattoo power supply, as per convenience. Regardless of the usage, we never experienced one iota of startup delay. In addition to these attributes, this machine is your best choice if imparting minimal trauma onto the client’s skin is one of your priorities.

Lastly, despite the bells and whistles, the Stigma Rotary Hyper V3 tattoo machine is a low-maintenance module and you only need to lubricate the same, once every 6 months. Overall, if you want to purchase a parlor-centric machine that is light and easy to use, the Stigma Rotary Hyper V3 tattoo machine is the best possible choice.

  • Ergonomic layout
  • Faster stitching for minimal skin trauma
  • Versatile and available as stigma tattoo kit
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t include the faulty elastic bands
  • Not cost-effective
  • Color packing isn’t its strongest suit

7. Dragonhawk Extreme – Best Rotary Tattoo Machine for Color Packing

Dragonhawk Extreme


  • Faulhaber motor
  • The machine is made with carbon steel
  • Equipped with slider system
  • Nanotechnology as the basic motor principle
  • Extensive color packing voltage range
  • Comes with a crash course
  • Stroke length adjustment is supported


The Dragonhawk Extreme rotary tattoo machine is your best color-packing bet. However, it also allows you to achieve a lot more, provided you are willing to read on.

To start with, this is one of the best rotary tattoo machines for professional tattoo artists. This means you can achieve exceptional lining and shading performances with the same. While color packing remains the strongest suit of this appliance, it is also known for the finest possible dot work. The credit for the versatility goes to the adjustable stroke length, with the range being restricted to 2.5 mm-4.2 mm.

This rotary tattoo machine also brings home the nanotechnology motor for achieving lining and shading precision. Besides, the Faulhaber motor system pairs perfectly with any tattoo power supply you choose to persist with. Not just that, you can power this device either with a wired supply or wireless module as it supports both the clip cord and the RCA connector.

Then again, the Dragonhawk Extreme rotary tattoo machine flaunts quite a few innovative additions, including, the direct drive setup for continued efficiency and the slider system to keep the needle aligned at all times. These attributes add to the lining and shading precision of this innovative rotary tattoo machine.

In addition to the following attributes, you also get access to the oily setup, about the aforementioned slider system. This is the primary reason to purchase the same for professional usage. 

However, beginners can also benefit as this rotary tattoo machine is quite easy to handle and comes loaded with additional resources, including the wrenches, lube bottles, and the crash course for learning tattooing from scratch.

As not every tattoo artist is good at color packing, the Dragonhawk Extreme rotary tattoo machine is the one to go with if you are planning to stand out from the crowd. Besides, the carbon steel machine frame also helps a bit by keeping the heft to a minimum.

  • Nanotechnology motor lasts longer
  • Exceedingly durable
  • Versatile tattoo machine
  • Compatible with multiple needle cartridges
  • Offers value for money
  • Shading quality isn’t professional level
  • Tattoo spring isn’t as durable

8. YILONG Rotary tattoo machine – Best Rotary Tattoo Machine in terms of pricing

Best Rotary Tattoo Machine


  • Features aircraft aluminum alloy as the chassis material
  • Comes with a dedicated power line
  • Comes equipped with rubber bands and needle bars
  • Multi-purpose stroke wheels
  • Faulhaber motor
  • Adjustable up to 3.5mm stroke length


In case you are interested in a rotary tattoo machine pen that comes at a reasonable price point, the YILONG rotary tattoo machine is the one to consider. While the innovative design is a scene-stealer, it works at par with some of the best coil tattoo machines, even when performances are concerned.

However, if you have second thoughts about the same by looking at the affordable price point, you might want to reconsider. To be honest, this machine is purely professional-grade and good at lining and shading. Furthermore, the affordable price point is because the company produces machines in bulk. While we wouldn’t recommend this to a professional tattoo artist who is interested in color packing, it still performs better than most.

The smooth operation associated with this tattoo machine is yet another feather in YILONG’s cap. While you can adjust the stroke length as per requirements, the 3.5mm standard, clubbed with the brushless DC motor supports precise and accurate lining. Besides, this machine is also known for its silent operation.

What surprises us the most is the pen-like form factor associated with the same, despite the YILONG rotary tattoo machine stacking in a vertical motor!

This layout also makes it easier for a tattoo artist to handle the device with additional comfort. However, it takes a bit of time to adjust the motor that comes close to the tip of the machine. This means if you are migrating from a coil machine, this minor grimace shouldn’t be bothersome. Overall, the YILONG tattoo machine is a pretty good choice if you are planning to set up a tattoo shop on a budget and looking for a cost-effective tattoo machine.

  • Easy to handle
  • Extremely versatile when usage is concerned
  • Sturdy chassis
  • Compatible with diverse needle cartridges
  • Has a few plastic parts
  • Customer service isn’t the best

9. EGO Switch V2 – Best with Integrated Switch

Ego Rotary Tattoo Machine Switch Pen Style Machine


  • Integrated On/Off button
  • 3.5mm stroke length
  • Features the anti-roll design
  • Precision motor
  • 28mm diameter
  • RCA connector


The Switch V2 from EGO is something innovative, courtesy of the efficient On-Off Switch, which is one of a kind and extremely futuristic. While the tattooing features are more or less similar to some of the other rotary tattoo machines on the list, we like the dual-mode usage and the near-perfect lining capabilities.

In case we have left you confused, here is a more simplistic explanation. The first model relies on the foot pedal, which is more of a traditional method of changing power to increase the speed and stitch frequency of the machine. However, if you want to lower foot-hand coordination, the On/Off switch atop the rotary tattoo machine offers another mode of operation.

Besides, if you want to change the nature of the hit and skin penetration, there is a dedicated dial to rely on. However, we shall touch upon the same in a detailed review. Lastly, the anti-roll or rather roll inhibition design is a reliable attribute and allows you to place the device perfectly on a flat surface, without worrying about falls or drops.

  • Light
  • Dual usage mode
  • Easy to get a hang of
  • Medical grade machine motor
  • Changing the hit can be tricky

10. Spektra Halo 2 Crossover – Best with Stabilizer system

Spektra Halo 2 Crossover


  • Diverse stroke wheels
  • Motor Bolt technology
  • Aircraft aluminum construction
  • Easy to disassemble


Keeping the details to a minimum, the FK Irons Spektra Halo 2 Crossover from Spektra follows the Edge X that we have already talked about in one of the earlier tattoo machine reviews. However, this variant repurposes the value of rotary tattoo machines by making them more accommodative towards standard needles and push cartridges.

Besides, this rotary tattoo machine comes equipped with a stabilizer system. While this might sound a bit tricky to a layman, professional tattoo artists can easily ditch the rubber bands and grommets after reading this.

Other relevant assertions include the availability of adjustable stroke length. While several rotary tattoo machine reviews have already talked about this feature, the FK irons Spektra Halo 2 crossover is probably the most efficient one in this regard. Not just that all the tattoo needles and tattoo cartridges can be paired with this top-notch device.

  • Allows you to adjust the stroke length with ease
  • Stabilizer system minimizes accessories
  • A perfect option for professionals
  • Durable chassis
  • Not an affordable option
  • A beginner might find it hard to adjust to the same

11. Inkjecta Flite Nano – Best with Integrated Excenter

Best Rotary Tattoo Machine


  • Cartridge-dedicated rotary tattoo machine
  • Comes equipped 3.25mm Excenter
  • RCA connection
  • Nanotechnology motor
  • Alloy billet structure


Raising a toast to the Inkjeckta Flite Nano makes sense as it is preferred by some of the leading global tattoo artists. Moreover, there are many variants launched by Inkjeckta but the Flite is probably one of the most cost-effective options in the market.

As far as the feature sets are concerned, the cartridge-dedicated machine is pretty versatile and good enough for coloring, shading, and lining. However, we were most impressed with the 3.25mm pre-installed Excenter, which adds to the precision of the designs. Furthermore, Nanotechnology, or rather the brushless DC motor is good enough to mention if zero delays and high efficiency are your priorities.

This machine also brings an innovative torsion bar into the mix that is more than capable of manipulating the hit and the extent of the same. Moreover, the alloy billet setup is yet another feather in Inkjeckta’s feather, rendering it light and easy on the wrists.

  • Durable chassis
  • Compatible with several needle cartridges
  • Allows RCA connection
  • Zero start-up delay
  • Still on the pricier side
  • Not the best bet for the beginners

12. Hommi rotary tattoo machine – Best in terms of Compatibility

Best Rotary Tattoo Machine


  • Weighs 150 grams
  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Compatible with standard power supplies
  • All-inclusive tattoo machine for lining, shading, and color packing


The Hommi rotary tattoo machine is one of the more cost-effective options to invest in, provided you are in the market for a light, portable, yet efficient design tool. Firstly, this is one top-rated tattoo machine that has already been reviewed extensively by online and offline stores.

Secondly, this product is best known for its silent operation, courtesy of the low-vibration hardware and enviable stability. Also, if you are into more complicated designs, this is one of the few tattoo machines that allows you to manage longer sessions without overheating.

The minimal vibration associated with this rotary tattoo machine allows newbies to handle tattoo designs without disappointing the customers. Plus, the aluminum-clad chassis renders the Hommi rotary machine lighter than usual, allowing you to carry the same with ease on diverse globetrotting assignments.

This tattoo machine scales beyond others in terms of compatibility and is capable of working with a wide range of grips, tattoo power supplies, needles, tubes, and more. Overall, if you are interested in an all-inclusive and sterilized tattoo machine that also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, the Hommi rotary tattoo machine is the one to purchase, without second thoughts.

  • Easy to grip
  • Enviable aesthetics
  • Light and portable
  • Compatible with most power supplies
  • Minimal vibration to help you manage complex designs
  • The company lacks top-notch credibility
  • Color packing performances aren’t professional grade

13. Hawink Rotary Pen-Style – Best in terms of Stitch Frequency

Hawink Rotary Pen-Style


  • 3 mm stroke length
  • Faulhaber Motor
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Cyclical motion needle
  • Excellent stitch frequency


In case you want to take your pick for lining and shading resources, the Hawink tattoo machine is the best option to invest in. Firstly, the pen style puts a smile on your face, allowing you to carry the same with ease. Secondly, this rotary machine comes forth as a fantastic lining and shading resource, owing to the cyclical motion and the 3mm stroke length.

While this might not look like a potent device at first glance, it is the German motor that drives it beyond perfection. Besides, contrary to popular belief, this is a heavy-duty and top tattoo machine that doesn’t even dig a hole in your pocket.

As far as the highlighted specs are concerned, we liked the minimal fatigue it exerted on the wrists. Besides, it is also known for its stability, which is further facilitated by vibration-less usage. The weight balance is close to perfect, more so due to the aircraft’s aluminum chassis. Lastly, the durability deserves a special mention followed by minimal heating despite hours of continued usage.

  • Performs quietly
  • Best rotary tattoo machine for extended hauls
  • Compatible with diverse tattoo power supply systems
  • Doesn’t vibrate a lot
  • The motor doesn’t get in the way
  • Helps generate the most productive affiliate links
  • Not an easy device to wrap your head around
  • Requires frequent lubrication

14. Dragonhawk Atom – Best with Voltage variations

Dragonhawk Atom Rotary Pen Tattoo Machine


  • Zero start-up delay
  • Quiet operation
  • 3.5 mm stroke length
  • Best for lining and shading
  • Part of a dedicated kit


Contrary to popular opinion that tattoo machine kits do not have the best tattoo equipment, the Dragonhawk Atom exceeds every possible expectation. While there are quite a few reliable features to work with, a tattoo artist can benefit the most from the variable voltage range. This means you can segregate lining and shading voltage, depending on the preference of the customer.

Other impressive purchase-worthy attributes include the Japanese motor, aircraft aluminum chassis, versatility, and a pen machine layout. Therefore, if you are starting with tattoo making, it is appropriate to consider the Dragonhawk Atom for ease of usage.

The pricing doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket, which facilitates usability. While the low noise and vibration are more on the expected lines, we were most impressed with it as an all-inclusive rotary tattoo machine kit. This means, if you are planning to save money on accessories like grip tape, a carrying case, a power supply, and even a foot controller, this is the perfect option to invest in.

  • Consistent lining performances
  • Light rotary tattoo pen machine
  • Cleaning isn’t an issue
  • You can adjust the stroke length with ease
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Shades better than the linework
  • RCA connector seems to be missing

15. Equaliser Proton – Best in terms of Design Finesse

Best Rotary Tattoo Machine


  • Anodized aluminum chassis
  • Supports RCA connection
  • 1-inch additional grip
  • 3.5 mm stroke length
  • Stacked with a 5W motor


Manufactured by a company called KWADRON, the Equaliser Proton is easily one of the best rotary tattoo machines to invest in. Firstly, this is one of the sleekest machines on the market but packs in some insane power. Secondly, the 5W motor calls the shots and helps you get the most precise tattoo designs out. Besides, there is an advanced gear system to rely on, encapsulated within the aluminum frame.

While we did purchase one for our team, it was the lightness of form that amazed us the most. The 130g tattoo machine also allows you to change the depth to up to 4.5mm, whereas the stroke length at 3.5mm remains constant and fit for the lining.

As far as cartridge compatibility is concerned, there aren’t many units that go unsupported. Not just that, the Proton is also known for its noiseless and virtually vibrationless operation, despite being such a sleek device. Therefore, getting this for a commercial tattoo parlor makes a lot of sense.

  • Zero vibration courtesy of advanced gear system
  • A reliable device with a long-term warranty
  • Easy to hold
  • Doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • Adjustable needle depth depending on the portion to be tattooed
  • Pricey
  • Extended learning curve

Things to Consider Before Purchasing – Buying Guide

A tattoo machine is a simplistic piece of hardware. However, cutting the long story short, you still need to ascertain your requirements and make the best decisions as per the mentioned aspects:

1. Durability

While there are quite a few aspects to look at, tattoo machine durability needs to be the more important one. Imagine working frantically for four hours and the machine breaks abruptly, injuring the customer, who ends up suing you for a fortune. If this sends shivers down your spine, it is advisable to purchase a machine with an aircraft aluminum frame leading the way. However, if you do not mind going heavy, brass-layered coil tattoo machines are pretty good bets.

2. Size

Probably the most important thing about purchasing a tattoo machine, that size is extremely hard to generalize. For starters, if you have smaller or rather average-sized hands, a standard tattoo machine, weighing something close to 200 grams or even more is a good bed. Going big hinders your ability to work for longer hours or make sudden turns and angles that are usually associated with complicated tattoo designs.

In case you are more of a traveler or someone more into lining and shading, there are several pen rotary tattoo machine variants to work with. However going way too small lowers the needle depth adjustment, which in turn doesn’t bode well for coloring.

3. Type of Machine

You can choose coil machines if you have a restricted budget but expectations focus on easier cleaning, simpler electromagnetic setup, and seamless usage. However, a modern-day pen rotary tattoo machine has each of the mentioned characteristics but at a lower decibel level. While the prices of a standard or even rotary pen tattoo machine are on the higher side, it still helps you get your money’s worth, when zero vibration and other features are concerned.

4. Price

The cost of the tattoo machine isn’t something that can be described in fewer words. However, we shall still try. In case you are starting, try and get something of a tattoo machine kit, preferably from a company of repute. This will surely help you save some hard-earned money. If you are a globetrotter and an artist, you can afford to invest in an authentic rotary tattoo machine or even a pen rotary tattoo machine, as per your size and weight-centric preferences.

Then again, you should realize that while a tattoo kit comes cheap, authentic rotary tattoo machines like the one from Bishop or even a rotary pen tattoo machine, are priced at a premium.


What is the best rotary tattoo machine?

While there are quite a few machines to invest in, our vote goes to the Hawk Spirit from Cheyenne, owing to the sleek chassis, versatility, and high-quality motor.

Is a Rotary tattoo machine better than a coil tattoo machine?

If you do not want to repel customers with noise and vibration, a top rotary tattoo machine is a pretty good bet over any of the coil tattoo machines.

What is the best brand of a tattoo machine to purchase?

We would ask you to purchase a Dragonhawk tattoo machine or a tattoo machine kit from the same company if you want to go with a more affordable band. Otherwise, in the premium segment, Spektra is a pretty good option to rely on.

Are Dragonhawk Tattoo Machines good?

Yes, they are pretty good and bolstered with a reliable motor and a pretty nominal price tag. However, you can also consider the stigma tattoo kit if you desire all-around functionality. 

Top Rated Rotary Tattoo Machines

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You can easily choose the best rotary tattoo machine from this expansive list of 15, depending on your preferences, professional stead, and even budget.

However, we would advise you to read each of the 15 rotary tattoo machine reviews in detail. If you are still unsure, do purchase the all-inclusive Cheyenne Hawk Spirit without second thoughts.


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