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Tattoo Bubbling: Is It Normal and How To Fix It?

Getting a new or first tattoo occurs in three processes. First, you will get inked, then you would let your new tattoo heal for a few weeks, and ultimately, you can now admire the piece of artwork on your body. Note that getting to the last part of this process i.e. tattoo healing process requires a lot of time and patience. However, some things can go wrong during the healing process if your new tattoo is not properly taken care of. One such common issue includes tattoo bubbling.

Some experienced tattoo artists have explained that tattoo bubbling is quite harmless but needs to be treated with utmost care. Since it can not only damage the appearance of your tattoo but also increases the risk of getting infections.

What is Tattoo Bubbling

Tattoo bubbling is what occurs when a healing tattoo is soaking up quite a lot of moisture as a result of using too much lotion on it. Note that in a tattoo process, aftercare of it can be quite tricky.

This is because at first, your new tattoo ink will look all wet and sore but with time, the drying process sets in and the tattoo begin to heal. Your fresh tattoo is potentially likely to become an infected tattoo when you are not concerned with taking care of the tattooed open sores.

This is why it is important to use a moisturizer, however, be careful not to use too much of it, as the side effect you are most likely to get is tattoo bubbles. It is normal for your healing tattoo to be scratched, and inevitable also, however, you must resist the temptation to pick or touch it.

The best advice often given by any tattoo artist is to strictly follow the tattoo aftercare instructions.

How Does a Bubbled Tattoo Look Alike

A bubbling tattoo has a resemblance to small pimples.

Tattoo Bubbling

The first sign of it is that you have bubbles on your tattoos is the appearance of inflamed tattoos or thick scabs with excessive liquid trapped in them for several hours even after the skin around the scab has gone completely dry.

The signs associated with the scabs on your tattoo include redness, fever, chills, itchiness, painful rash, the presence of pus, and other known conditions relating to tattoos are the normal part of the healing time of the tattoo wound.

Similarly, a bubbling tattoo also has all these symptoms but when you see any sign of bleeding, try as much as possible to see a qualified medical practitioner to get the necessary treatment that you need.

How Long Does the Tattoo Bubbling Last

A tattoo bubbling can occur for several hours to weeks. This is because the healing process of a tattoo is solely dependent on the body and type of the individual wearing the ink.

It is very vital to adopt the proper care of your tattoo to avoid this common issue from degenerating into more adverse issues that can constitute medical care for you.

Also, ensure to stick to the aftercare products recommended to you by your tattoo artist to help you avert skin infection.

What makes A Tattoo to Bubble

We know it’s easier said than done since a scabbing tattoo is associated with itchiness, as they dry out. Hence, keeping your tattooed skin moist can help reduce the itchy effect that you might be feeling on your skin. You might experience tattoo bubbling as a result of the following reasons:

Over Moisturized Tattoo

When you do this, you have only exposed the thin layer around the tattooed area to too much moisture which is being absorbed by the skin and becomes a saturated or over-moisturized tattoo.

This can later develop into the bubbling of your tattooed skin.

Getting A Tattoo Wet

Another cause of tattoo bubbling is showering or washing your tattoos. You might not notice that the thick scabbing on your fresh tattoo often soaks up water and hold it for a while even after the ink on your tattoo or the rest of the skin around the new tattoo has gone fully dry.

This is a normal part of the healing process, nonetheless, it can become problematic in no time if the water is trapped between the scabs for a long time. The scabs will become soft and start to look sticky.

Exposure to a New Tattoo

Exposing a new tattoo to the sun will cause tattoo bubbling, thereby delaying the healing time of your tattoo.

Where the real issue lies is that the sticky-looking scabs on the tattoo’s open sores might result in a skin infection. Even though it can be easily treated with antibiotics. There are still rare cases that resulted in severe health issues such as skin exposure to bacterial infections, and death.

In such rare cases, you need to seek out medical or professional advice from a healthcare practitioner to be able to get a variety of treatment options to deal with the further damage that can happen to your tattoo.

Difference Between Tattoo Bubbling and Tattoo Infection

Tattoo bubbling occurs when the plasma in between the ink and your skin traps liquid and then begins to show a sign of scab all around the tattooed skin.

Even though it’s a process required in the healing stage of your tattoos, it can come with so much discomfort and irritation, alongside the signs associated with a scab.

Most individuals often confuse tattoo bubbling as a bacterial infection, on the contrary, it’s not but only starts the beginning of the healing journey of your tattoo area.

While an infection is what a bubble can develop into when you do not take your tattoo aftercare instructions seriously.

Even though it can be taken care of, adverse cases of infection can still happen. You can avoid this by inquiring your tattoo artist about how to wash and fasten the healing time of your tattoo.

How to fix A Bubbling Tattoo

If you have started noticing bubbling on your tattoo, here are a few ways to deal with them:

Avoid Over Moisturiser

Don’t apply moisturizer or any more lotion on the tattooed region immediately to prevent it from making it worse. Also, avoid placing a thick layer of moisturizer on any of the scabbing regions that cannot be easily absorbed.

Most especially when you are done showering and you intend to carry out your aftercare practices, if you notice the scab area or plasma is still wet, you should leave it devoid of lotion till it’s fully healed.

This will not only protect your tattoo from being infected but will also ensure it is fully dry and ready for you to flaunt.

Don’t Use Bandage or Wrap for Long

Prevent wearing a tattoo wrap or bandage for too long on the tattooed area. A good and natural healing process involves the fresh ink must be kept dry and not being covered for so long.

Avoid Touching Scabs

Avoid touching the scabs at all costs and allow air to get in touch with the scab so that it can slowly begin drying again. Remember that it’s soft and sticky, once it rubs on any surface, the scabs can get pulled out. This can result in an open wound as well as damage to the ink of the tattoo.

Use a Clean Paper Towel

If you happen to have already applied too much ointment accidentally during the tattoo aftercare. Quickly use a clean paper towel to dab or blot away the excess lotion before any bubbling begins to happen or take place. Note that applying excess

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

Avoid wearing tight cloth, particularly on the new ink region of your skin, as it will not only remove parts of the scabs but also risks exposing you to infection such as bacteria, germs, and more.

Avoid Over-Exposure of Your Fresh Ink

Don’t expose your newly tattooed skin to the sun as the UV radiation will only help in ruining your tattoo and can also lead to burns.

When you suffer overwhelming burns, don’t hesitate to calmly rub or apply ointment or lotion to soothe your skin. Ensure you don’t scratch it, no matter how itchy it tends to be.

Consult a doctor immediately if the condition of scabbing has not only deteriorated into burns but also infections. You will be able to get the right medications and not lose that precious piece of art in your body.

Frequently Asked Questions — Tattoo Bubbling

Is it Normal for a Tattoo to Bubble?

Yes, it is normal for your tattoo to bubble. It’s an arm of the healing journey needed for your skin to heal and dry properly. You can keep your tattoo dry by practicing all the aforementioned earlier.

Can a Bubbling Tattoo Cause an Infection?

Yes, it can. If your tattoo aftercare does not involve proper care of your skin, you are in potential danger of getting an infection.

Aside from this, also note that you need to be careful and concerned with the tattoo’s open sores around the inked region as they are more prone to bacteria and other blood diseases.

Can Bubbling Tattoo Happen Years After Getting the Tattoo?

No, except in unusual cases, where an individual visits the studio to get another ink on their body. Then you can experience the entire process again. Yes, there’s no harm in getting another tattoo.

Why do Tattoos Get Ink Sacks?

This is due to too much ointment on the scabs. The best way to avoid this on scabs is to gently allow water to go over the surface while washing, and dab slowly with a clean towel to not let it get soaked. Then allow it to get air dry.

Can You Put Too Much Moisturizer on a Tattoo?

No, you should not do that. Even though it is very significant for you to always stay hydrated and rub lotion consistently. Ensure that you are not overdoing it and resulting in the over-moisturized tattoo.

Conclusion — Tattoo Bubbling

It is totally normal for you to experience tattoo bubbling as it helps heal and cure injuries sustained from getting a visit to any reputable tattoo studio.

Understanding that it is only part of the healing process will fasten your healing time. However, you should take caution by ensuring it dries well before saturating it.

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