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Tattoo Scabbing: Is it alarming a Tattoo Infection?

Your tattoo scabbing is something you shouldn’t be bothered much about, as it is very normal. Tattoos are known to be trendy designs, marks, signs, figures, or words that are intentionally fixed through the insertion of ink pigments under a very thin layer of skin.

It’s like getting a permanent work of art done on your skin by a tattoo artist. A new tattoo always looks at its best, once you take a walk out of the tattoo studio. This is a result of the rubbing of lotion on your new body artwork by your artist. This lotion brings out your new ink.

However, no matter how appealing the appearance of your new tattoo might look, your skin is still raw and has only not started to show signs of the trauma it just went through.

Note that as soon as you step out of the studio, your body starts healing itself. A healing tattoo will begin to change over the next few days, and this is where scabbing comes in.

Here, we will look at how to deal with scabbing tattoos. Ensure you read till the end.

What is Tattoo Scabbing

Tattoo Scabbing: How a Scabbing Tattoo Looks Like?

Tattoo scabbing is a normal process that causes skin irritation once a tattoo is newly done. This process takes place when the tattooed skin forms a protective layer of hardened plasma fluid that covers the entire tattoo or a part of it.

The tattooing phenomenon is often a scary phase for first-time tattooers since it generally seems rough and awful due to the peeling and flaking of the skin during scabbing.

Make sure you follow all the tattoo aftercare advice given to you by your tattoo artist to guide you throughout the healing process.

If you follow the tattoo aftercare instructions, in a few weeks, your tattoo scabs should begin to disappear or fall off naturally by themselves as dead skin.

Is Tattoo Scabbing a normal process

Yes, it is normal for your tattoo to scab. Normal tattoo scabbing is a part of the healing process of your new tattoo that takes only a couple of days to occur.

For the first few days after getting your tattoo done, your healing tattoo is filled with plasma for the placement of scabbing to occur. And once scabbing takes place and has completed its function, it’s going to peel off the skin like a dead surface.

This only shows that your tattoo has fully healed.

How long does a Tattoo Scab last

It takes between three to five days for a scab to fall off. The entire tattoo healing process usually takes up to four to six weeks. After a couple of days, your new tattoo begins to develop light flakes of skin or a thicker scab over its top layer.

However, if individuals’ tattoo scabbing exceeds more than a few days, they are likely prone to getting an infection.

What happens if a Scab comes off a Tattoo

Once you start noticing tattoo scabs on your skin, you might begin to feel uncomfortable with all the irritation and uneasiness that comes along with it.

However, the best way to live with it is to resist the urge to scratch off the scabs or even pick at them to drain the fluid.

The tattoo scabbing process requires a lot of extra care to avoid the risk of being potentially exposed to infections, and note that it is an essential part of the healing stage.

To enable you to survive any abnormal tattoo scabbing, try as much as possible to follow the advice of your tattoo artist, concerning aftercare.

Do’s and Don’ts during a Tattoo Scabbing

Enlisted here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts recommended by the experts while dealing with a scabbed tattoo:

Reduce exposure to sunlight

Sunlight is one factor that can contribute to individuals’ tattoos scab so try and reduce the exposure of your new tattoo to the sun till you know your tattoo healing has fully taken place.

This will not only aid in the healing of the scabs but will also prevent infection and any form of allergic reaction.

Don’t wear tight clothes

Avoid wearing tight clothing so that your scabbing tattoo will heal properly and on time. This is because when the tight cloth is rubbed on the area of the open sore more often, it will keep pulling on the plasma and even worsen the scabbing. If not properly handled it can result in a tattoo infection.

Don’t Pick at Tattoo Scabs

Avoid picking at the scab, and let your tattoo heal. Your healing skin is trying to get rid of the protective tissue covering the tattoo, so try as much as you can not to scratch the oozing plasma or the tattoo scab.

One of the best tattoo aftercare you can try out to keep your new tattoo’s skin clean of scab infections is using a soft cloth or clean paper towel to dab the surface of your newly done tattoo ink skin or tattooed area.

The vigorous cleaning of the scabs of normal plasma or clear fluid of your tattoo wound can result in delayed healing time. Also, note that the healing times for each individual are based solely on their body type.

Moisturize your Tattoo

You need to have a moisturizer such as petroleum jelly or ointment to help soothe the pain and soreness you feel around the open wound of your skin.

All you need to do is to apply it gently to the tattooed area and wait patiently for your tattoo to heal.

Tattoo Scabs and Dry Healing Methods

To preserve a youthful appearance, the Dry Healing Method for tattoo aftercare forgoes the use of lotions, creams, balms, and moisturizers.

It will take you a few minutes to clean your tattoos with mild antibacterial soap and hot water after removing the original tattoo bandage or covering.

Peeling off a minor tattoo is an easy and efficient approach. Over the next three days, if not longer, the tattoo may seem worse and will likely be worse.

What should Tattoo Scabs look like

Scabs from tattoos are usually crusty looking in nature and are often followed by the flaking and peeling of the tattooed region. Scabbing Tattoo is also accompanied by severe itching around the tattooed skin.

Therefore, it is quite normal for your tattoo to be seriously itchy around the tattooed skin for the first few days while your skin is busy repairing or healing itself.

How to wash a Scabbed Tattoo

Yes, you can wash your tattoo once you are in a clean environment such as your home.

Note that while showering, allow the warm water to flow over the scabs for a few minutes. Next, gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel.

Although, it’s highly recommended by most artists that you should avoid soaking the tattooed region in water for a long period as this can result in tattoo infection and might delay the healing process.

Also, ensure that you use antibacterial soap on the tattooed area when washing. You can gently rub an ointment on the tattoo, once you are done using the soapy water.

Why you should not pick at your Tattoo Scabs

If you try to fasten the healing process by picking at your scabs, you might end up picking up some of your new ink. This will lead to ink loss, fading, or discoloration in your new tattoo design.

If you have already developed a large or thick scab, then you should look after it properly to help you heal in no time.

Note that scabs must not be picked, knocked, or scratched off to enhance your skin’s ability to regenerate on time. You should not take lightly any case of light and as well heavy scabbing.

Don’t also take lightly any tattoo scab that results from slight flakes, or big-sized scabs as they can result in tattoo infections.

Most tattoo artists often recommend to people who have a fresh tattoo to keep their tattoos hydrated by using ointment such as petroleum jelly to aid this healing stage. This is to avoid the formation of thick scabbing as well as infection.

They should be treated as soon as possible to prevent them from generating an infected tattoo.

Frequently Asked Questions: Tattoo Scabbing

How do you tell if a tattoo is not healing properly?

Pain is a sign of the damage done to the surrounding nerves of your wound. This is why people worry, particularly those who are getting their tattoos done for the first time.

Is it normal to have thick scabbing on a tattoo?

Yes, it is. Thick scabs can naturally occur on a newly done tattoo. This only proves that your healing tattoo is carrying out its duty. Remember that scabs are included in the steps to maintain the healing of your fresh ink tattoo properly.

Is it normal for your tattoo to crack?

Tattoo cracking is quite normal for your tattoo and is often referred to as the best way by artists to ensure tattoo healing and keep your tattoo safe from a series of infections.

Is tattoo scabbing bad?

Scabs are a normal part of the healing process, but picking or scratching at them can slow down the process, compromise the quality of the tattoo, or leave scars


Ensure that you follow all the aforementioned recommendations on how to deal with tattoo scabbing and in no time, you’d not only have beautifully healed skin but also be able to flaunt your new tattoo.

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