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11 Cool Designs Of Red Tattoos — Is It Prone To Itchiness?

Red Tattoos

Red tattoos are infamous for several reasons ranging from the questionable red ink to the continual red tattoo itchiness. These seem to be the cause of a lot of problems that are associated with tattoo inks. Despite the issues attached to them, nonetheless, some people still prefer a red tattoo ink because it makes every tattoo design stand out and admirable.

In the ensuing paragraphs, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about red ink and likely challenges associated with them to getting lovely red ink tattoos, and more. Ensure you read till the end.

What Are The Associated With The Red Ink Tattoos?

In the tattoo community, the red ink issue has always been a notorious one for numerous reasons. However, let’s first take a look at the key ingredient used in making red ink.

The majority of tattoo artists that are involved in body art tattooing are not even aware of the type of ingredients the ink they make use of is made up of.

Their negligence is due to the fact that tattoo inks are not ratified or standardized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and as such not really bothered about it.

It is a well-renowned fact that tattoo ink contains harmful components and pigments including heavy metals.

The Ingredients Found In Red Tattoo Ink

Here are a few red ink ingredients, they include hoof gelatin, denatured alcohols, formaldehyde, aluminum, cinnabar, pigment hoof, bentonite clay masks, cadmium, cobalt, iron oxide powdered, naphthol AS pigment, ethylene glycol, cadmium red, bentonite clay, rubbing alcohol, animal originating components such as cod liver oil, animal fat glycerine, bee wax, and more.

Just to mention a few, several other harmful ingredients in red ink are toxic and very harmful to the body.

The major reason why red ink or anything related to the red tattoo is being avoided intensely and is highly controversial in the tattoo community for decades is not far-fetched.

It has been scientifically proven that the components that the red ink is made up of can cause adverse reactions on the skin such as ink allergies and infection.

Other long-term health issues related to red ink tattoos are skin hypersensitivity, skin rashing, tattoo scarring, and even cancer.

Itching of The Red Ink Tattoos

Another issue that is associated with red ink tattoos is intense itching. A tattoo itch is normal but that is only when it’s newly done and is healing. Here, itching is seen as part of the normal healing process that can be properly survived by using ointments and lots of lotions. And yes, the discomfort does not last for long. However, it’s on the contrary for an individual who is allergic to red tattoo ink.

Also, red ink is known to stay on the skin longer than any other ink and it is really difficult to remove from your skin. Even if you wanted to, you can only get to book a tattoo appointment with a professional artist to use laser tattoo removal.

The only change you should expect is changing your red tattoo design to another color or perhaps another bright color.

Allergies to Red Ink

Are you aware that most of the ingredients found in the red ink are major contributors to long-term health issues such as cancer? Apart from this, the ingredients are also a common cause of allergic reactions and skin infections.

This is one of the red flags that you should be on the lookout for when considering a red tattoo ink.

All these issues associated with red ink are the reasons behind its common causes of any form of allergic reaction and skin sensitivity even after the tattoo heals completely. Red ink poses a threat to the health of any individual who is allergic to it.

This is because the body is not used to the red pigment in the red ink. Some tattoo enthusiasts have reportedly said that they suffered particular sensitivity and burning in the region where they had their red ink tattoo done.

This is also another notable red flag that you should bear in mind before deeming it fit to get a tattoo on your skin.

Are you aware that the red ink can circulate in the bloodstream throughout your entire body and never stops the circulation?

Red ink is also termed a toxic pigment carrier that can cause an individual to experience a deficient immune system that can result in cancerous diseases.

Tips On How To Handle Red Ink Tattoos

The ability of the red ink to be toxic pigment carriers in the human body and as well as cause critical health problems cannot be undermined. It’s known that the Red ink tattoo migrates from the site of the tattoo to the lymph nodes which can affect health.

Even though the red ink is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and seamlessly irresistible. You must first know how to handle red ink tattoos if you are certain of getting one for yourself. Here are a few tips that you should take notice of:

Go For an Allergy Test Prior to Getting Inked

To reduce the risk of contracting an allergic infection, it is recommended that you carry out an allergy test before trying out the red tattoo on your skin. The patch test will let you know the list of harmful pigments that are not good for you or cause you an allergic reaction.

Get Your Tattoo From A Professional Artist

Ensure that your tattoo is done at a highly professional and quality tattoo studio. A tattoo artist that is well-grounded in this field might have been able to check the red tattoo ink they use if it contains red ink particles or other harmful components that can cause customers allergic reactions or other skin-related diseases.

Better To Go For A Multi-Colored Tattoo

When considering getting a tattoo, trying out multicolored tattoos will go a long way to minimize the risk of getting red ink allergies. Mixing color tattoos is a great way to minimize the adverse effect of the red ink

Avoid Wearing Itchy Fabrics

Resist wearing itchy fabrics once you newly get your tattoo done as it can increase the chances of helping you get an allergic reaction. Scratchy fabrics like this will only enhance the itchiness of the tattoo and cause rashes and itchy bumps that can ultimately lead to complications such as a scab or another inflamed disease. This will only further delay your scar from being healed in time.

Adopt Proper Tattoo Aftercare

Continue moisturizing your tattooed scar with petroleum jelly, even when it’s fully healed. It’s highly recommended that you include it in your daily aftercare routine. Use ointments as a source of hydration for your red ink tattoos.

Seek Medical Help If Required

Make sure you seek medical help as quickly as possible to get treated if you experience swelling, inflammation, itchiness, redness, and trickling of blood or water. There is a high probability that you are suffering from allergic reactions or a severe health issue and if not properly attended to might lead to even more severe health complications. This is why it is very essential for you to take a patch test before embarking on a red ink tattoo body art procedure.

Unique Red Tattoo Design Ideas

If you are still interested in going ahead with the idea of getting a red tattoo done despite the aforementioned information. Then this section is for you. Here, we have selected quite a few images of red ink tattoo ideas of individuals that can inspire you to select the red ink design of your choice.

Whenever you are ready to get your tattoo done, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the red ink tattoo, there are other inks available that are accompanied by different shades of color.

Ask your tattoo artist to help you pick a design and style for you if you are finding it hard to choose a design for yourself. Here are a few of them:

Snake Tattoo

Snake Tattoo

The Snake Tattoo is considered a trendy red ink tattoo design that is often inspired by illustrations and tattoo styles of the Far East.

It can be traced back to Japanese and Chinese origins.

The Snake Tattoo can be done with a red shape outlining or perhaps filled in totally with red ink while being shaped utilizing just shade and lining. However, this design can also be drawn in a single color tattoo or other colors.

Dragon Tattoo

Red Dragon Tattoo

The Dragon Tattoo is an oriental vibe that also has its origin deeply rooted in the Far East that has gained popularity over the few years.

The Dragon Tattoo can only be drawn by professional artists in a similar way that the Snake Tattoo is being drawn.

However, most artists often prefer using red color probably because of the incredible finished look it has but you can change from the rather conventional red ink tattoo and try out a multicolored tattoo.

Red Butterfly Tattoo

Red Butterfly Tattoo

The Red Butterfly Tattoo is a subtle, adorable, but effective red ink tattoo that doesn’t require much aftercare since the design does not have many shades as compared to other tattoos design.

It is a simple great design that is great for all body types regardless of the ink color or skin color that your artist decides to use, it will still come out beautifully.

Red Rose Tattoo

Red Rose Tattoo

A red rose is one of the prettiest and most classic red ink tattoos for females. The red rose has been a common motif for tattoos over the years. The symbolism of the red rose can be applied to a variety of tattoo designs, concepts, and narratives. Therefore, if you’re unsure of what tattoo design to choose, we advise choosing a straightforward red rose.

Red Ink Flower Tattoo

Red Ink Flower Tattoo

We highlighted a red rose floral tattoo earlier in the article. If you liked that one, you might also enjoy this tattoo. There are no black details in this tattoo’s red-ink floral branch design. A little tattoo like this one with beautiful flowers is ideal for someone looking for a delicate and classy tattoo. This type of tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body.

Small Red Ink Tattoo

Small red ink tattoos

This design only has the outline of a heart. Even if the tattoo is less obvious when it is simply an outline and the ink is red, you still have that adorable appearance. Anyone who wants a straightforward and fashionable tattoo needs to have a small red ink tattoos design like this.

Vibrant Poppies

Vibrant poppies red tattoo

It should come as no surprise that a poppy tattoo made this list because poppies are stunning crimson blooms. This tattoo depicts two exquisite red-stemmed poppies. It is an exquisite tattoo design and will look fantastic on everyone. This type of pattern is also appropriate for memorial tattoos.

Realistic Red Tattoo in 3D Design

Realistic Red Tattoo in 3D Design

To offer a 3D appearance, the realistic tattoo patterns are meticulously picked, and the majority of them are created with red and black ink. To simulate smoke or fire, realistic tattoos are utilized.

They can also be a little frightening because they can produce blood consequences.

Scarred Red Tattoo Designs

Scarred Red Tattoo Designs

Making a scar and filling it with specialized red ink is known as scarification. The scarred tattoos are often created using red ink and feature the required patterns and styles.

These tattoos may also be used to cover up an existing scar.

Special Portrait Red Tattoo Designs

Special Portrait Red Tattoo Designs

Some people design their tattoos in memory of a person/pet. These designs look more real with red tattoo ink. The wearer chooses the portrait and is designed so that it looks more natural.

Personalized Pattern Red Tattoo Designs

Personalized Pattern Red Tattoo Designs

The most popular tattoo style among young people is a geometric red motif. Red star tattoo designs are among the most popular patterns created by combining various geometric forms.

Frequently Asked Questions: Red Tattoos

What do Red Tattoos symbolize?

Red is a hue that stands for blood, love, and passion. It might also imply having courage and strength.

Is Red Ink Tattoo More Expensive?

No, Ink color does not determine how expensive your tattoo would be. So the red ink is not more expensive than other ink colors, as they almost cost the same.

Are Red Ink Tattoos More Painful?

Talking about the pain experienced during your tattoo, the color of the tattoo ink is not a determinant of the pain felt. It can only pose the skin to some allergic reactions, the person handling the tattoo as well as the technique used determine the pain you experience.

Is Red Ink Safe For Tattoos?

Red ink is known to cause delicate reactions, which leaves the user with a negative impression. Due to the carcinogens included in tattoo ink, red tattoos have been linked to a potential risk of skin cancer.

Do Red Ink Tattoos Fade?

Yes! Red ink is more likely to fade than other ink colors. But it has been discovered recently that the orange and yellow ink fades faster than the red ink tattoo, mostly when applied on light-colored skin.

How Long Do Red Tattoos Last?

There is no specific period that the red ink tattoo can last, but they can last for a longer period of time. Based on some research it could last for about four months.


Within the first few months of getting a tattoo, ensure to wear sunscreen over the area. This will help you to keep your newly done tattoo free from fading.

Remember the direct sun on a tattoo can make it fade and once it does fade, it can’t be reversed. Scabbing of the skin is inevitable after a tattooing process. It’s a normal phenomenon that takes place during the healing process.

It tends to be very itchy and can look quite irking to behold nonetheless, you will just have to resist the urge to touch or scratch it as you might end up ruining your tattoo. It is often best to let it come off by itself. It might take a few weeks to fall off but it sure will.

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