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Neptune Beach Club
The summer is here, and you know what that means, especially if you're in the Tri-state area! Summer means the Hamptons, and summer in the Hamptons means Neptune's! A great place to party and spend the day, and Neptune's is one of the best places to be in the Hamptons. Let them know you're a friend of Tattoo Lou's and they will hook you up for sure.
Get Open Studios
These guys totally kick ass. Not only are they some of the most talented guys we have ever seen musically, but they're also great friends. Mike (the owner) pumps up Tattoo Lou's every chance he gets. Check them out next time you're ready to make a hit record.
106.1 WBLI's Astra is the bomb! She pumps up Tattoo Lou's every chance she can get on her show, and we love her for that. Personally, she gets her ink down at our West Babylon shop. Astra is one very talented girl, and when she makes it bi,g every one at Tattoo Lou's will be rooting her on. Let's just hope she doesn't forget us! Check out Astra's online community and call 106.1 WBLI when she's on air to tell her what a great job she does!
Beach Bar
Another Hamptons staple, Beach Bar is one of those clubs that never gets old. The music is great, the people are good-looking, and the drinks are always strong. What else could you want? Look out for Tattoo Lou's in the club for upcoming promotions.
Boca Tanning Club
Summer is here - so, have you hit the beach yet? Feeling a little pasty white next to those tanned, buff, beach bodies? Well now is the perfect time to get a tan, and the best way to do it is at Boca Tanning Club in Huntington! Boca Tanning Club is unlike any tanning salon you've ever been to! It's the cleanest, fastest, and most elite tan out there! In fact, it's open 24 hours during the week. Feel the urge to get your tan on at 3am? Well, at Boca Tanning, you can! Choose from the best lay down beds and stand up beds in the business, and achieve a great bronze in as little as ten minutes. A real tan not your thing? Don't worry - Boca Tanning Club has perfected the art of the spray tan - no orange here! You really can't go wrong! And don't forget to pick up some Tattoo Goo to cover up your ink while you tan - afterwards, you AND your tats will look and feel great!!
The New York Islanders
Tattoo Lou's is the official Tattoo Shop of the New York Islanders. This great partnership is a milestone for hockey fans and tattoo fans on Long Island. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with the team. Check out more information on our Tattoo Lou's Penalty Box Page
Fusion Skin Spa
Fusion Skin Spa has over fifty years of experience operating behind its doors. We offer the best in laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, permanent make-up, and more. Our knowledgeable and certified staff will help give you the skin you've been dreaming of, all while in a comfortable, private, spa atmosphere. It is our pleasure to make sure you're well-informed and worry-free about your procedures, so please feel free to ask whatever questions you may have. Explore our website to get a glimpse of our fantastic treatments, our informative blog, and our expert technicians. When you're done, call Fusion Skin Spa for a free consultation, and start on your journey to perfect skin.
Long Island's Best Plumber
This site is dedicated to offering people great quality advice from long islands best plumbing and heating company. Spend some time reading through some of their plumbing and heating how-to guides, articles, FAQs, and much more. William Schwamb plumbing and heating IS long islands best Plumbing compnay (period)




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