As Tattoo Lou's, Strong Island and the rest of the Eastern seaboard hunkers down to ride out Sandy, let's take a look at the best Hurricane tattoos we can find!



Here we have an above view with the classic hurricane cloud formation including the eye in the center. 



Here's another storm cloud formation on the foot along with a pelican, a bird commonly associated with the US Gulf coast.



This side piece shows the storm effects on the ground, with rising waves and winds battering a palm tree. 



This arm design is clearly in remembrance of Hurricane Katrina which wreaked havoc on New Orleans and the rest of the northern Gulf Coast. 



This piece combines the storm formation with tattered hurricane warning nautical flags. 





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2 Comments for The Weekly Countdown: Hurricane Tattoos!

  1. tatto removal

    I would say what an outatanding art… i'am fond of tattos and always search recent trends and designs.. i really liked your post, or i can say you havr something different..

    12:04 pm on 10/30/12
  2. Mike @

    I like the number 3 and 4 because it really emphasize the idea of hurricane. 

    1:05 pm on 10/31/12

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