Yes, that's right. It's November 5th which can only mean one thing…it's Halloween!! In New Jersey, that is. After Hurricane Sandy's path of destruction left many areas of our neighboring state in shambles, Governor Chris Christie signed an executive order delaying the Holliday until today so that kids could go door to door in search of delicious candy without fear of downed power lines or other dangers. Tattoo Lou's salutes Christie's creative solution and joins our neighbors in New Jersey by celebrating with a Halloween tattoo Weekly Countdown!


5. Halloween Cupcake!?

People don't hand out cupcakes to trick or treaters, which is smart because of the whole "no unwrapped sweets" thing, but sad because Halloween cupcakes would be way better than those tiny "fun sized" candy bars! I mean, how is it more fun to have less candy?? Discuss…



4. Zombie Monroe

Some say Marylin should have retired from modeling after she died, but not the owner of this…um…glamorous tattoo, apparently.



3. Bats Out of Hell

A simple design, kind of sexy and very Halloween. They appear to be headed for the neck area, so watch out!



2. This is Halloween!

Good old Jack has become a huge Halloween symbol ever since The Nightmare Before Christmas hit theaters, so of course he has to make an appearance here. It's his world, we're just living in it for one or in this case, two days a year. 



1. No, THIS is Halloween!

Michael Meyers is here to make sure you don't forget the REAL Halloween from the silver screen! Seriously, just nod and acknowledge him…and run for it!





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