A woman in England is regretting her decision to go to a tattoo removal practitioner with only one hour of training. Stacy Evans had gotten a tattoo at age 18, and now at age 38, wished to part ways with her ink. Unfortunately, getting it removed by a novice resulted in an unsightly scar, which Ms. Evans has won a compensation claim for. The lesson here? Maybe go to a reputable tattoo shop like….oh, say Tattoo Lou's for all of your ink and ink removal needs! When dealing with body art, working with an experienced, well-trained, professional practitioner should always be your number one priority. 


And now an update for the guy who had the Romney "R" tattooed on his face….he has no regrets, despite his face now looking like an out-of-date political bumper sticker, which is admirable in it's own way, we suppose. 


Rihanna, one of our favorite tattooed celebrities, apparently wanted to go further than her artist would allow. It seems that last month, the songstress made a trip to her favorite shop with the intention of getting inked on her face! When she arrived, however, the artist in question refused to do the work, and dissuaded her from taking such a daring step. Rihanna, you do have a gorgeous face that needs no embellishment, and we are more than happy seeing your art placed elsewhere!


And finally, from the "never make a bet involving tattoos" department comes a story of a Texas A&M student who lacked faith in his team's ability to upset number 1 ranked Alabama last week. Of course, the Aggies did just that, and our fearless hero was forced to get the score of the game tattooed on his posterior, of all places. Another entry into the Bad Tattoo Bet Hall of Fame!






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