The major headline today: SCARJO!!

Yes, Scarlet Johansson is back on the front pages with a new piece gracing her flawless body! This time, Scarlet the Starlet (ok, she's a Star, but it's still clever, you have to admit) has gotten a horseshoe design with the words "Lucky You" tattooed on her side, as you can see below. And all we can say is yes, lucky us for being able to get a peek at it. Lucky us indeed.




Tattoo artists are quickly becoming a fantastic source of help and innovation for people with body deformities and related issues. FOX News Tampa has an interesting article about  tattoo artists are using flesh colored ink to hide the appearance of scars, which is allowing clients to improve their body images and live happier lives. 


Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston recently got matching wrist tattoos of her mom's initials with her fiancé, Nick Gordon on what would have been Whitney's 49th birthday. The initials are surrounded by four doves which represent members of her family. Bobbi wants "to keep [her mother’s] legend going the right way," and we certainly hope she will.


And finally, the Dropkick Murphy's have titled their new album "Rose Tattoo." We have yet to listen to it, but approve highly of the name.  




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