In Tel Aviv, there is a mass protest planned today marking World Vegan Day. One month after protestors gethered to brand themselves with a hot iron for World Farm Animal Day, this time they are planning on getting tattoos of the number 269, a number branded onto calves on cattle farms. While it's great to see these activists being so passionate about their cause, it's probably better for their overall well-being that they ease off the monthly protest schedule before these body mods leave them all looking like Pauly Unstoppable:




And now let's go to sports. It's been so long since Notre Dame football has been relevant, it's understandable that some fans would get carried away by the team's recent success. Enter Tracey Moore, a Notre Dame die hard who had better hope he never ends up being interviewed for a job by a USC graduate. Tracey, you see, has gone all in on ND pride by tattooing the Golden Dome, their main campus building onto the back of his bald…dome:




And finally, Justin Bieber has a new tattoo of an owl on his left forearm. This marks the eighth piece he's gotten, as The Biebs is apparently taking a page out of the One Direction playbook, working towards an edgier, adult image before his 14 year old fans turn into 18 year old haters. We'll ignore the fact that an owl tattoo doesn't exactly scream "edgy and adult." He's trying folks, let's give him that.  





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