With the presidential election right around the corner, advertising space is a hot commodity. With the airwaves saturated with ads, and billboards and lawns plastered with signs, where else can we turn for space to share our support?  Maybe human bodies?


That was the thinking of one entrepreneurial Romney supporter who took advantage of an eBay listing by professional wrestler Eric Hartsburg to get a Romney "R" tattooed on Hartsburg's head for a winning bid of $15,000. While the buyer chose to remain anonymous, Hartsburg admits that the listing began as a publicity stunt, but that he's happy to sport this new, permanent ad of sorts, as he is a Romney supporter and believes in his message.


Hartsburg's story reveals a broader trend of people offering parts of their bodies for either temporary or permanent tattoo space. Whether for attention, profit, charity or who knows what reason, certain people are choosing to let the market dictate their body art.


The most famous recent example of this was that of Tina Beznec of New Zealand who auctioned off space on her backside to the highest bidder, donating 20% to charity and using the rest to get herself out of debt. Beznec's stunt apparently created a wave of imitators, as others attempted to get in on the body art auction market.


As for Hartsburg, next Tuesday's election will either leave him with a highly relevant tattoo for the next four to eight years or a pretty instantly outdated one, should Romney fail to capture the presidency.   




Robert Drake is a professional freelance writer, editor, copywriter and blogger. To learn more about this fascinating fellow, visit his website.

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