Is it possible to love a company too much? Probably not, if you ask anyone who's gotten a corporate logo permanently tattooed onto their bodies. 


Last week we covered people who offer to get tattooed for money. In most cases, people who get corporate logo tattoos are not being compensated. Often, the motivation is simply a way to identify with a brand they love. When you look at companies like Apple and Harley Davidson, the motivation is easier to see. Certain brands are identified with more than just a product line – they represent a lifestyle, an attitude and a connection to a particular subculture in society. 



What is more of a head-scratcher is when people get tattoos with less iconic brands. Tattoos, though more mainstream than ever, are still identified with being edgy, rebellious, and non-conformist, while major corporations are seen as the polar opposite. A corporate logo tattoo then, would seem to be the ultimate contradiction. 



One answer may lie in the internet. No matter what you are into, there are now message boards, websites, meetups and more all dedicated to it. When you search and connect enough, it's easy to feel like a part of a community built around your favorite subject, activity or product. Being "into" something becomes identity, and in turn increases passion for what brought the group together. 



In the end, it's your body, and your choice. If you really, really love Walmart, and want to share it with the world, why shouldn't you? If tattoos are meant to be a form of personal expression, how can anyone place limits upon what others do with that freedom? So, who's up for a Big Mac? 





Robert Drake is a professional freelance writer, editor, copywriter and blogger. To learn more about this fascinating fellow, visit his website.

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