Of course, at some point, piercing fans began to ask: If we have a Prince Albert, could there be a female equivalent? This question led to the inevitable Princess Albertina piercing. Same as its male counterpart, it is a genital piercing that runs through the urethra. It emerges through the top of the vagina, and is said to be highly stimulating for the women who enjoy it.


The Princess Albertina is not nearly as common as the male PA. The female urethra is much shorter, and urinary tract infections are far easier to develop than with the Prince Albert. Because of this, many piercers won't perform it. It is considered an extremely advanced piercing for those who do practice it.


Increased sexual pleasure is perhaps the biggest reason women get a Princess Albertina. While this piercing does sometimes result in greater sensitivity and increased pleasure, that is not universally the case. It can be uncomfortable if a woman does not enjoy the type of sensations that come with direct stimulation of the urethral nerves. It's best to consult with a piercing expert, and to know your body very well before considering the Princess Albertina.    





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