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United Ink Tattoo Shows 2014

We have TWO kick ass shows planned for 2014: United Ink Summer Vibe May 2-4 at the Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY and United Ink Flight 914 September 12-14 at The Cradle Of Aviation Museum, Garden City, NY.

You may wonder why we would do two shows in such close proximity to each other, but know this, these shows are two VERY different shows with two totally different vibes!

Summer Vibe is a BIG show- approximately 300 booths.  This show is a fun, fast paced event with your traditional one room convention setup.  There will be artists from all around the globe including some from our own backyard.  This show will be our LAST show at the Nassau Coliseum as it is being knocked down to be rebuilt.  So we plan on making it a show to remember even more than usual!!!!

Flight 914 is called that for a very special reason.  Did you ever tattoo under a vintage fighter jet?  Or how about a space module?  Well we do at Flight 914!  The entire show goes down in an aviation and aerospace museum, in and around the exhibits.  Also at our disposal is an IMAX Theatre, SMART BOARD classrooms for seminars, an outdoor stage and music area, and much more!!  This show is a bit smaller – about 120 booths, and as a result more intimate, sort of like a “grown up” show… (not really…haha).  With a focus on industry education, we offer many seminars and classes, as well as history and relevant industry movies and videos.

BOTH SHOWS will have a completely curated art gallery for you to submit art for show or sale, live artist fusion events going on all weekend and famous artists such as Francisco Poblet.

United Ink is a full weekend experience making sure you have plenty to do!  We provide after party events and free shuttle service running from the host hotels to the convention venues and any after events.  We also have a discounted rate for any airport pickup/drop-offs.

There will be suspension shows like nothing you have ever seen before and music and entertainment acts all weekend long.  There will also be the standard offering of contests… with a few twists of course.

If you are interested in being a vendor or artist at this event please go to the page and fill out the e-form application.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have


Jackie Rubino

United Ink Productions Inc.

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