The art of Tattooing has long been kept in the shadows of darkness. Daylight considered its culture to be a dark silhouette of society, sweeping the midnight alleys and silently dodging the neon glow of life.

This month Inked Republic smashed though dawn as we revolutionize the industry. The first of our retail clothing and permanent makeup stores is now open located in the Westfield Southshore Mall. Tattooing is an art and a lifestyle. When you make a decision to get inked your making a statement to the world about your struggles, and accomplishments. Your honoring a family member or permanently marking the soul with something that has weight and meaning in your life. You care about the art you wear and your part of a culture that goes beneath the skin.

Inked Republic is an extension of that culture. It’s a place that supports and extends your lifestyle of expression.

 Join the Revolution today and visit Inked Republic!

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  1. Jessica Bernstein

    I have been wanting to get another tattoo for awhile but i couldn't afford it. Now i'm wondering. if you help design and what it would cost…
    I had two granparents pass away. When my grandfather passed, that night i had a dream that it was night and on a dock and he was floating away on a small boat. His arm extended and mine towards his. But he was saying getting quieter and quieter… you have to let go, you have to let go. Now i had a lot of turmoil and issues then and I always felt that dream touched me in an unusual way that i think back to when i make decisions sometimes. He used to get me chachkies everytime he went somewhere so the last think he gave me was a buckle, with two rings at each end for keys. It was from an auto body place. When he died, i undid one of his clips and I burried it deep with him. I kept the other on me for as long as I could.
    When my grandma died I decided that second part of the belt buckle belonged with her and hopefully someday they meet again and buckle that belt back up.
    So i've had this a long time, want it on my back, up my spine on my back shoulder, not lower back. I dont know if i would have the money for it and i have tried to design it but i can't. I did want something down my spine (looks cool). Please let me know what you thnk, what it would avg cost, etc. THanks!!!!

    5:55 pm on 1/8/14
  2. annette

    i have this bump on top of my surface piercing for a while now and im wondering if i should take out the piercing? and if i do have to take it out how long should i waite to get it pierced again.

    3:07 am on 1/10/14
  3. mommadukes

    I would recommend first going back to the piercer who did the work and show them what you described here. They would know best if you should remove it or not.

    7:13 pm on 1/10/14
  4. mommadukes


    Thank you for sharing your story and sorry for your loss of your grandparents, sounds like you had a special connection to them. All are artists are capable of designing, and based on your discription of events about their lives I think that they could come up with a design that would express that it. The price of a tattoo depends on the size of the tattoo, the detail involved, and the location of the tattoo on the body. It is very difficult to give an accurate price over the web. You may stop by any of our Tattoo Lou’s locations for a free consultation and pricing on any tattoo, picture, or even an idea that you would like us to draw for you. Remember – a tattoo is a piece of artwork that will be with you forever. Great quality in a tattoo is priceless!

    7:18 pm on 1/10/14
  5. Rossie

    Hi there. I was wondering how much each of these piercings would cost:
    ~spider bites
    and would I be able to get these all at the same time.

    11:12 pm on 11/15/14
  6. mommadukes this should be of help to you. If you have any questions feel free to call.

    4:22 pm on 11/17/14
  7. Sam

    Hi I’m 13 years old and I wanna get my septum done. My parents agreed to let me do it but I was wondering what paper work should I bring

    3:33 am on 3/24/15
  8. mommadukes

    First off your parents have to fill out and sign this form and get it notarized BEFORE you get your piercing done. Download the form linked here: and they have to be with you when you are getting the piercing done because they then have to sign it when you are finished. You cannot bring “someone” over the age of 18 .. you need the Parent/Parents who signed the consent form there with you when you get it done.

    3:40 pm on 3/31/15

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