You knew we'd go there eventually. When you're writing about the history of piercings, you can talk about ears and noses and even nipples all you like, but at some point you have to go down under, and we don't mean to Australia! Genital piercings have an important place in piercing lore, and are also extremely popular today. What that, said, we present the story of The Prince Albert:


For those who don't know, what is a Prince Albert piercing? The PA, as it's known, is a male genital piercing that consists of either a round barbell or ring that enters the penis at the frenulum and emerges through the urethral opening at the tip. The PA is created by inserting a small tube into the urethra and threading a needle down to pierce the frenulum at the appropriate point. The PA is sometimes placed in the center, and sometimes off to one side depending on a person's skin at the desired placement. Some men have a flat, pierceable area, while some have a chord-like web that would leave the piercing unstable at that point, and so moving the piercing down or off to one side is preferable.


Coming up next week, we'll look a the legend of the Prince Albert piercing, and the myths and facts surrounding it's unusual name.





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