The name of the Prince Albert piercing is a product of urban legend. The earliest mention of it was not until the 1970's, when Doug Malloy published a pamphlet filled with lofty stories of exotic histories of genital piercings, which many people believe he completely invented himself. Malloy had gotten together in West Hollywood with Jim Ward and Fakir Musafar and together developed, and apparently named the Prince Albert. 

The legend has it that Prince Albert, husband to Queen Victoria of England, was a gentleman most excellently endowed within his pantaloons, so to speak, and his trousers, tight as they were in those days as was the fashion at the time (as well as endless run-on sentences remarkably similar to this one), did embarrassingly bulge in a way hardly suitable for Court, and so did his wife allegedly insist that Old Albert concoct a solution to this most unusual problem. Though hardly elegant, and even slightly barbaric as one may believe, the Prince did eventually light upon the strategy of securing his rather large protuberance by way of tying it down to create a less obvious spectacle, and the PA was therefore born of necessity to create a place to secure and help tame the Beast from Below.

The legend further asserts that PA piercings became a fashion trend throughout Europe, as men looked to facilitate a modest public appearance.

Whether elements of Malloy's story is true or not, the PA caught on in a big way on our side of the pond, primarily in the gay community at first, and gradually spreading into mainstream culture. Given it's location, the PA remains a bit of a naughty secret for many who bear it, though in the end, that only makes it a more exciting and daring option for men looking to get pierced.   




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