Ray is back inking up Selden! Here’s there Wednesday – Sunday, so make your appointments now!




3 Comments for Check out Ray Alfano in Selden

  1. Courtney

    Hey ray I was wondering if u could add the yellow to the stars tonight and bring the vines Alittle lower and my butterfly on my lower back instead of doing the hole thing if u could just add color to the butterfly 

    10:21 pm on 12/8/12
  2. Judy

    Hello Ray, you gave me all 3 of my tattoos . Do you do permanent eye liner!

    6:38 pm on 7/17/14
  3. mommadukes

    Maura does all our permanent Makeup and you can contact her directly PM@tattoolous.com

    2:30 pm on 8/27/14

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